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7 Reasons You Should be Happy That You’re Single During the Holidays

With the holiday season around the corner, most are clamoring around family, friends, their significant other etc. While that may be fun for them, at least until someone asks the wrong questions at the dinner table, there are some benefits that come with spending the holidays alone as well.

Not only do you not have to have those awkward conversations with your in-laws that everyone talks about, but you don’t have to sneak around the house because everyone is sleeping, and you don’t have to put forth your best effort into deep cleaning prior to having you entire family take over your house for a week. You’re truly living the life if you think about it. You’re free of all the stresses everyone else has to deal with.

So go enjoy yourself, take the time out to do something for you and live life to the fullest. Realize the benefits of being single during the holidays.

You Don’t Have to Have Any Odd Conversations at the Dinner Table

Those heated conversations regarding politics, or what happened between you and the girl/boy you brought home last time you were home, that argument with your brother/ sister never occurs.

You Can Do What Makes You Happy

Being that most occupations grant you at least a little time off on holidays you can use the time to do whatever you choose when it’s just you. You don’t necessarily have to follow the status quo of what the holiday entails, you can do or go wherever you want.

No Ugly Sweater Parties

You can save yourself the experience of getting trapped into going to one of those matching ugly sweater parties. Has anyone yet understood the concept of this yet, or where it derived? Is it something people just do? Either way, if you’re solo for the holidays this is yet another one of those things you don’t have to worry about.

You Can Make Extra Money

Holidays can also be a way to earn extra cash if you’re not spending them with someone. There are plenty of jobs that pay extra for working holidays, and plenty that are simply looking for extra people to have on hand as well. Who couldn’t use the extra cash around holiday season? Whether needed for gifts or to simply get a head start on saving up for next years expenses. You can’t go wrong with a little e extra in your pockets.

No Holiday Fights

You don’t have to deal with the disagreements between family members that often occur over the holidays, that often find spouses and significant others at odds with each other (specifically when pertaining to two different sides of the family). Somehow they always drag someone else in huh?

No Obligations

You don’t have to feel obligated to feel a certain way, simply because it’s a certain day of the year, or feel you need to do something special for someone simply because it’s a holiday (which honestly you shouldn’t anyway  – you should special things for your significant other just because every now and then). That’s besides the point though. Being single on holidays fully eliminates that feeling of being obligated to feeling like you have to do something festive in general because it’s a holiday.

No Having to Shop with Your Partner

The one thing that assuredly comes with holiday season is shopping season. Whether it be for food, gifts, etc. someone is doing some type of shopping. If you’re single you don’t have to go back and forth about what gift to get for someone, nor follow any type of shopping list that isn’t specific enough to figure out what the hell is needed. Consider yourself lucky.

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