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7 Reasons Why Love Will Never Be Easy

Love stinks.

We’ve all heard it time and time again, love is never easy. But we damn well expect it to be a little easier than what we get. Love is a difficult concept to understand but that doesn’t stop us from trying to achieve it. Some of us wish to find someone that we can share our lives with and learn. For others, we just want someone who wants to hang out with us all the time and wants to have sex with only us. Either way, both of those ideas of love share the same inevitable desire to be loved. So if love will never be easy, why do we all bother trying to get it? Sure, we all have that human need to love and be loved but if it’s so difficult, why bother?

We’re masochists in a way, we can’t help but strive for love even when it seems so far out of our reach. In fact, just the slightest idea that someone could even remotely like us can send you into future plans for marriage and families. Although we are fully aware that love will never be easy, we can’t help but continue to have it even when we’ve gotten our hearts broken before. And if you’re up for some of the obstacles, it might end up being worth it. You see, love will never be easy but that doesn’t stop us from trying.

We are different people

When you put two people together who have had completely different life experiences, it’s going to be hard. You can be attracted to a person physically but there is so much more to a person than superficial beauty. We’re all different and learning how to be someone is often the most complicated part. You can’t just ask them to do things and expect it to be the way you’ve always done it. We’re all complex human beings and when met with high stakes situations, arguing ensues.

Life gets in the way

Sure, you want to go to dinner with your boyfriend after work but you have to complete that project you are presenting tomorrow. You have to make a decision to either go back to the office after dinner or skip out on dinner. Either way, you are faced with decisions constantly that will affect your love life.

We all have goals

Backpacking on the point above, we all have goals we’re working towards that impedes our potential love affair. Because you have a desire to get a promotion at your job, you skip out on dinner with your beau. Long gone are the days of choosing between love and career; we want them both.

We are all learning together

Because we are all walking around aimlessly in life not knowing what to do next when we are paired with someone we’re learning about love together. When you learn, you tend to make mistakes and sometimes those mistakes can be deeply damaging.

Because you’re afraid

We never want to get our hearts broken and it’s scary as hell to be completely vulnerable with someone. Trust isn’t something that easily given and when someone does wrong to us, it can be hard to put ourselves there again.

Insecurity is a bitch

There’s always going to be some bitch who’s got bigger tits than you or better hair. We are human and can’t help but be insecure sometimes. However, insecurity often leads to arguments and potential long-term effects.

Anything worth having shouldn’t be that easy

This is cliche but it’s so true. We don’t appreciate something unless we’ve had to work our asses off for it. Love can’t be easy because otherwise, it wouldn’t be so valuable.

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