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7 Reasons Why Sex Is The Least Important Thing in a Relationship

Sometimes it seems as if we place too much importance on sex, and at times neglect the real important aspects of our relationships. Sex, yes, is a very intimate act between people, and is one of the milestones we reach when dating someone for a while.

But sex isn’t everything. sex does hold some significance within a relationship, but it’s not so important that it could be deemed the only thing keeping you together.There are other more important things which should be acknowledged and focused on more in a relationship, other than sex.

After a while Communication reigns supreme

At first sex can be the most crucial factor within the relationship, and you two may feel that it’s then time where you are the closest to one another. But the true method of creating an everlasting bond, and having a close relationship is by having a strong communication between the two of you. Communication is truly key, and will break down any walls either of you may have, and open many doors for the two of you in you relationship.

You have to find chemistry in other places than the bed

Sex isn’t the only place where you need to feel some sort of chemistry between you two. You should also feel chemistry when your walking together, or watching late night TV. If you make sex out to be more important than it is you wont be able to unlock the true potential of your relationship, in which you realize that you are attracted to one another in places that aren’t a bedroom.

Emotions do matter, and you and your partners feelings towards on each other determine the fate of the relationship

Emotions are definitely one of the major ruling factors in a relationship. Someone’s feelings can cause the tides of the relationship to change, and can make and break it in the end. Remember your feelings matter more than the sex, it’s the feelings you have for one another that make the sex so good, and make it something special.

The dynamic within the relationship creates the roles each of you play, which is crucial in supporting the relationship

The dynamic within your relationship plays a more important role than sex does, because this dynamic of who does what, and even your personality types creates a ceratin foundation for your relationship which serves as its base, and keeps it from faltering. If this dynamic were to change and could shift things and make the structure waver creating a bit of chaos.

It’s important to be each others best friend, more so than each others lover

Being each others best friend is more crucial than being each others lover. Being each others friend means you’re there to comfort and support one another. It also means that you are with them for more than the sexual intimacy, but because you truly enjoy being in their company.

The goals you two share and have separately are more important than sex

Having separate goals creates a sense of individualism within you two which is important, and prevents you guys from feeling as if you are losing yourself in the relationship. This creates a strength and sense of determination within the two of you which you both can rely on in keeping you strong and confident. Having a shared goal is also important, whether it’s moving in together, or planning a trip, a goal helps bring you two together for a common interest. Goals will keep you two together, and wanting to progress– something sex can not do.

Giving ‘sex’ too much importance than it deserves makes it a crutch for your relationship

When you give sex too much importance, more than it deserves, you give it the power to dictate your relationship. Sex isn’t the foundation of the relationship, it’s the people who are involved with each other that do. And between those people there has to be a line of communication, common interests, and a feeling of openness between each other. These factors are what will help maintain the relationship, and at the end of the day it should be strong emotions such as ‘love’ which keep you two together.


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