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7 Reasons You Shouldn’t Take Spring Break Flings Seriously

Spring break can be great for a whole slew of reasons. It is some time to decompress, let yourself go, relax, or all of the above. One thing that Spring Break isn’t the best of times for is getting into a serious relationship or even thinking about developing feelings for someone that aren’t, well, purely sexual. If you find yourself talking to somebody who you’ve begun to think of as more than just a casual fling, you need to slap yourself out of it (either metaphorically, or go get your friend to do it for you.) These are a few things you should remind yourself of before you start calling this person Mr. Right/Mrs. Right and evil-eyeing anybody who tries to glance at them.

You’re Wasted 

Okay, maybe you aren’t wasted, although you probably are. But, to humor you for a second, maybe you handle your alcohol real well, you have only had a very little to drink, or even, wonder of wonders, you are in fact stone cold sober. No matter what, wasted is largely metaphorical here. What I really mean is that you are under the influence of something. Of weed, alcohol, or just Spring Break itself. Either way you are probably giving people more credit than they deserve because that’s just what we do when we are feeling cheerful. But all that fairy dust will settle and leave you thinking “WTF have I done?” if you aren’t careful not to get yourself into a romantic entanglement.

You’re on a Vacation High 

Vacation highs are real. So even if you are not under the influence of any drug of any kind, you are still vacationing. There’s no schoolwork, or regular work, or whatever stressors your real life brings you. Vacation highs are insulating. That means you can hardly remember real life concerns while in this bubble. This kind of intoxication is just as inhibiting to coherent thought as alcohol in certain respects. Unless your real life bears striking resemblance to your vacationing life then the fact that you’re jubilant while chilling on the beach with a mojito and this guy or gal by your side says nothing (literally!) about whether it would “work” in less picturesque settings or scenarios.

You Haven’t Been Tested 

This friendships is all about sex, shots, and sand (beaches, but I really wanted a third “s”.) There’s no fighting about, well, anything. It is just good old fashioned fun, and all the things that you would scrupulously look for in a man/woman you aren’t looking for now. But that’s irrational because If you are considering them for a relationship then you need to consider real-life qualities that you have no means of finding out in this setting. I am not suggesting that you start grilling them, making them jump through hoops, or devising tests for them. I am suggesting you drop the idea of a serious relationship with this person entirely.

You Know Nothing (Jon Snow…) 

Okay, not literally nothing. But nothing about this person. As annoying as this may be, many people change bits of their lives and personas on Spring Break because it is a chance to reinvent themselves for a little while. Some change over half of who they are. Some aren’t even themselves on Spring Break at all. Which means that you’ve never really met them… Would you start a relationship with somebody you’ve never met? What are the chances that, coincidentally, their everyday persona pleases you as much as their Spring Break persona? Probably should not risk it.

It Is Good Practice

It is often said that the only constant in life is change. At the risk of sounding overly-philosophical, It is an extremely valuable skillset to remain unflappable in the face of change. It is also a Buddhist tenet that is often popularly misunderstood. The tenet says to neither cling to the negative events in your life nor the positive events in your life. Because they will both inevitably change into something else. It doesn’t mean you should be apathetic like many extract from this idea. It means more that you should try to understand that everything is temporary. Impermanent. Enjoy it while it lasts, and no longer than that. A fling that ends, and moreover that you allow to end without making a fuss, is truly good practice for developing your acceptance of impermanence.

 Long Distance Is So Hard 

If the philosophical suggestion is not doing it for you, let’s return firmly to the world of pragmatism. Long distance is simply really freakin’ hard. Unless you are abundantly lucky, and this person happens to live down the block from you, then you will most likely be starting a long distance relationship if you start up something serious with this person. Are you prepared to go to parties alone? Weekends with them will never be a given, and you will constantly be paranoid about what they are doing. Plus, it hardly EVER works out.

Taking Things Seriously Is Stressful 

Last but not least, you are on Spring Break to have fun! Being worried about if this person’s feelings for you are more than skin deep is not fun. Being territorial is not fun. And trying to impress this person and spending all of your time with them to try and get a read on them is not fun. You are there to have a good time and de-stress. That’s why you went in the first place. Plus, your friends will probably feel neglected if you’re on the beach watching the sunset with this person while they are dancing and bonding. Just keep it light, and you will return home rejuvenated, and not with extra baggage.


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