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7 Reasons Why The Only Way to Get Over Someone is to Get Under Someone Else

Have you ever been dumped? Of course you have. We all have (if you haven’t, I hate you kinda). Getting dumped sucks, right? I bet you have read a whole lot of articles, blurbs, and listened to a whole bunch of advice from friends and relatives about how to get over the crush that has ripped out your heart and stomped on it (hopefully it wasn’t all that dramatic, but maybe it was).

But I got news for all you guys and gals out there. Okay, maybe my word isn’t Holy (it is close though) but I really think that the only true way to get over that person that has all your favorite books that you’ll now never get back…. is to sleep with somebody else

It Doesn’t Have To Be Superficial

Some of you may be thinking that just hooking up with some rando after being broken up with is kind of cold. What if the other person is looking for something serious? That can be remedied by being very very honest with your sexual partner beforehand that you are just here for sex. And just because it is casual doesn’t mean you two cannot share a real significant profound and impactful night (or day) together. Right?

Sex is Good For You

Sex has been scientifically proven to raise those endorphins up, improve mood, and lessen anxiety and depression. Yep, right now that is just exactly what you need right now. Your body and chemicals need all the help they can get to just rise up from off of the couch most likely. With that in mind, you are also killing two birds with one stone because you are getting some great exercise while warding off the blues.

It Can Provide Companionship

Maybe you’re like me and after a breakup, somewhat counterintuitively, you don’t want to just talk and talk and talk about the breakup with your friends and family. It is kind of like when you are about to throw up and you don’t want to think about it but you’re friend keeps saying “are you gonna puke?” Well, now I am! Having said that, you still want companionship, just not people preaching about how “there are plenty of fish in the sea”. So with a quick hookup you get companionship and sex. Two-for-one!

You Get a Confidence Boost!

Who doesn’t like to have someone want to touch their body and dig their hands through their hair and touch their cheek and… (wow I gotta stop this is starting to sound like smut). But when it comes to a break-up, you need that confidence boost more than most. Knowing that somebody wants to bleep you is a pretty great feeling.

We All Love Kisses!

I’ll try not to be too cheesy here, and sex is of course fantastic in all its hot and steamy glory. But, at the same time, sex also usually comes with a ton of kissing. And kissing is super fun, and feels romantic. It might cover your sad side, while sex covers your more mad side (and sad side…). That’s some great coverage.

It Feels Kinda Productive

Having sex is way, way, way better than sitting on your couch with the lights off burning pictures of your ex to morbid National albums (not that I’ve done that…). So when you start thinking to yourself that this is all so crude and pointless, remember this: It is way better than anything else you’d be doing. At least you are out of the house and interacting with other humans.

Sometimes They Even Work Out

And last but not least, and believe this because it is true, sometimes one night stands turn into a whole lot more. Sometimes they turn into relationships. Sometimes those relationships turn into marriage. And all from the humble origin of casual sex to get over your horrible horrible ex (maybe they weren’t horrible but it is still nice to say it). So don’t rule out the possibility that this may be your next relationship. Definitely don’t count on it. But don’t rule it out either.


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