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7 Most Romantic Places to Honeymoon

Ah, the honeymoon. Arguably the best part of stressing through planning a wedding is knowing you’re going to get to go on a dope vacation at the end of it with your new spouse. Unfortunately, you have to plan the vacation, too. Isn’t that such a rip-off? The good news is I’m here to help. I’ve found the most secluded, amazing, romantic honeymoon destinations complete with hotels to stay in.

These are the honeymoon trips for the couple who wants to explore, lay around, drink, and enjoy one another in secluded, luxurious accommodations. The couple who longs for adventure and is happy to stay in a hostel- mad props- might want to find another list.

Here are 7 dreamy honeymoon destinations:

Belize, Naia Resort and Spa

Belize has it all: lush, private beaches, jungles, and reefs. There’s plenty here, and whether you want to relax on the beach or go zip-lining, hiking, tubing, or river-canoeing through the rainforest, this resort on the Placencia Peninsula has you covered. The “Total Relaxation Honeymoon Package” includes three nights at the main resort followed by a three-night stay at their private island, Hatchet Caye. You’ll also get a couple’s spa treatment, a romantic dinner with champagne, a full meal plan, and a free snorkeling trip. That’s if you ever manage to leave your cabana.

Naia Resort and Spa

Iceland, Blue Lagoon

Iceland has quietly risen to the top of everyone’s travel list. While going there in hopes of a bustling city and raging might not be the best choice, this hotel is idyllic for couples looking for a little alone time. The Retreat at Blue Lagoon surrounds the stunning body of water and features an underground spa. They focus on beauty and serenity, which is perfect for a romantic newlywed escape. They offer amazing spa treatments, in-water massages, and guided tours through the lagoon.

Blue Lagoon

Venice, Italy, The Westin Europa & Regina

There’s plenty to do and see in Venice, but it’s also easy to do nothing. Take a romantic gondola ride down the Grand Canal with your lovely new spouse while you sip on fine Italian wine and lay back. Let your gondolier do the work and serenade you at the same time as you float gently down the river. Walk along the canals hand-in-hand like a damn movie. Eat wood-fired pizza and see history- but only if you feel like it. Avoid honeymooning in Venice during the late summer months, as the canals begin to smell and the tourists swarm the area. The hotel is separated into “five palaces” and has some of the best views the city has to offer.

Westin Europa and Regina Venice

Comporta, Portugal, Sublime Comporta

This area is likely to grow in popularity over the next few years, so jump on it while you can. Comporta is about an hour south of Lisbon, and is home to rollin dunes, easily accessible beaches, and the finest champagne you’ll ever have. The hotel offers suites, cabanas, and villas, all with their own unique charms. This is the place for you if you love a unique-looking beach and the slow, European vibe of a village. It’s also the perfect place for wine lovers. If it’s good enough for Christian Louboutin, it’s good enough for us!

Mr. and Mrs. Smith

Arosa, Switzerland, Tschuggen Grand Hotel

You’ll feel romantic and secluded in this mountainous area, regardless of the weather. That being said, it’s a good option for couples going on a winter honeymoon who want it to feel like winter. Watch the snow fall outside of your window at the Tschuggen Grand Hotel, which is only accessible through a private railway. They offer special spa and date night packages for couples, so there’s no need to figure out what to do once you arrive. If you’re sporty, you can ski before settling down for a relaxing spa night, and if you don’t, then you can view the mountains from the privacy of your luxe suite. The hotel is architecturally unusual, too, so you’ll earn serious bragging rights.

St. Lucia, Jade Mountain Resort

St. Lucia offers relaxation or exploration, so you can take your pick. The architecture of this hotel provides an awesome experience. It sits above a 600-acre beach, providing unreal views. Individual bridges lead to “infinity pool sanctuaries.” The hotel mimics Caribbean nature itself, and will make you wary to step outside of its amazing walls. It’s easy to access white-sand beaches, art galleries, and more, but you might never need to at this magical resort experience.

Jade Mountain

Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Hotel Sofitel the Grand Amsterdam

Step outside of the infamous Red Light District and the packed coffee shops and this city is actually quite romantic. The canals offer a beautiful, romantic view of the city and they are lined with quaint townhouses. Everyone bikes everywhere so the whole city looks like a painting come to life. Speaking of paintings, this city is rich in art and culture, so definitely visit the Van Gosh museum. On a honeymoon, though, all you’ll want to do is drink in the city and re-enact movie scenes. It’s seriously that idyllic.
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