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7 Sex Positions You Probably Haven’t Tried, But Need To ASAP

Sex can be very inventive and free. So don’t get stuck in a boring routine. Too many people settle into boring routines with their partners. They forget about spontaneity and passion and continue to use the same ole’, same ole’ positions. So if you want to spice up your sex life, look below. Here are 7 positions that will heat up your bedrooms.

Standing “O”

Standing up

Who said that you had to use the bed? Do yourself a favor. Turn towards a wall, and stick out your butt a bit. Then your partner can enter from behind. They should also probably bend their knees. The upside is you can use the wall for support. While it takes more effort to stand ad have sex, this one is worth the effort.



At first glance, this position may look boring. However, it’s great because the pleasure is a bit more intense because their groin will be rubbing against yours causing more friction. You lie facing each other and put your leg over your partner’s hip and push your bottom leg against theirs, so they can enter you. You also get to kiss each other in this position.

Scissor Straddle 

If you liked the previous position, here is another position you will love. This takes a bit of twisting and flexibility. Instead of being on your side, you lie flat on your back and have your hips twisted. Your partner can then take one leg over a hip as they kneel in between your legs.  Your partner is in charge and can go deep in this position, which works for both of you.

Altered Doggy

Hit the Spot - sex position

Many people have heard of Doggy style. This is when a person crouches on their knees and their partner enters them from behind.  However, to make the pleasure so much more intense, instead of crouching on your knees, wrap your legs around your partner’s waist.  If you are a fan of doggy style, this one might be a new favorite of yours.

Small Surfaces

Tight squeeze - sex positions

For those of you who live in a small apartment, this one is for you. Get away from the bed and try this one You can use any small surface, such as a chair, desk or countertop. Sit on the surface of your choice,  and wrap your legs around your partner waist. Also wrap your arms around his back to keep yourself upright.  This is good for spontaneous sex and cold also become a favorite.

Legs on Shoulders

Legs on shoulders - sex position

This one of those positions that can be an eye opener for those stuck in a missionary rut.  This doesn’t require too much flexibility, so don’t freak out. All you need to do is lift your legs onto your partners shoulders while they kneel between your legs.  Not only does this mean you do not have to do much, but the penetration can also be deeper in this position. Your partner also has a great view and cess to touch you all over.

The Viennese Oyster


Now this one is for people with a bit more flexibility than the last position. If you can put your legs near your head, this is for you. Put both ankles near or behind your head if you can. You can have your partner hold your legs in place. This one is a more advanced version of the previous position, so if you can’t do the previous, pleas do not attempt to do this one without working on flexibility first.

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