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7 Signs That the Person You’re Dating Isn’t Actually Looking For Anything Serious with You

I know at time we tend to get ahead of ourselves when involved with another person, dating wise. We might think were on the same page, and looking for the same things, but that might not always be the case.

You might be thinking about getting serious with them, and taking the next step into becoming an official couple. But their mind might be somewhere completely else. They’re either not emotionally ready for a relationship, or they haven’t even considered going further with you. Thankfully, there are sign to prevent you from wasting your time with someone who isn’t as serious about you as you are about them.

Your main line of communication with them is social media

If they only communicate with you through social media, particularly Snapchat or Instagram, then they’re not looking to be serious with you. Normally people text or call when trying to communicate, it’s a bit more personal and respectful. Using only social media to contact you is them trying to keep you at a distance.

The only plans they come up with is to “chill” 

They never plan dates, like, actually going out to do something kind of dates. Instead they just ask you to come over and chill, which could mean watching Netflix, hooking up, and being forced to listen to their mixtape.

They avoid conversations that are too personal

The conversations never get too deep. They’re always pretty surface level like, “How was your day?,” “What do you want to eat?,” “Have you heard that new song?” The topics are things you might discuss with an acquaintance or a coworker, so you never really learn too much about them. This is them trying to keep you out of their world so you don’t feel as though you “really” know them. It’s keeping you at arm’s length.

They’ll go several days without contacting you

Usually when you’re dating someone, you’d expect them to keep up communication with you. This doesn’t mean that everyday you have long deep dragged out conversations, but it just means that they might send you a “hey” or “hope your day is going well” once in a while to show that they’re thinking of you. But if they can go days without contacting you, and even worse, not responding to your messages, then they are not that serious about you.

PDA is a no-no

They never attempt to hold your hand or, they complain when you try to be affectionate in public. Maybe too much PDA might make some people uncomfortable, but sharing a quick kiss or hug, and holding hands for a bit shouldn’t kill them, especially if it makes you happy.

They only show affection when they want to 

The only time you get affection is when they want to give it. They might be in a good mood, or they’re just in “the mood.” But for some reason whenever when you want to be affectionate, or receive some type of attention from them, they’re never available to provide it.

If you ask too many questions about your relationship they’ll act as if your being too clingy or “its just too much”

If they get upset when you start pressing questions about your relationship, or in what direction are things going, then they’re not looking to be in a relationship. Anyone who has been considering really being with you would be open to just discussing things (at the very least, just to make sure you two are on the same page). But if they become upset, or start calling you out as being clingy, then they are not open to the idea of truly settling down for whatever reason.

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