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7 Signs That You’re Actually in Love With Someone, Not Just Think That You Are


When you get hit by a truck, there’s very little guess work involved as to what just happened? “Did a big bird hit me?” “Did I fall down really hard?” “Is my brain tricking me into thinking all of my bones are broken?” These are not questions you ask yourself! You know you got hit by a truck because you can feel it. Love operates on a similar level, and though it can sometimes be just as painful, it’s not always as obvious. Here are some sure-fire ways you can tell you’re actually in love.


You put their needs before yours. In making decisions, the first thing to jump into your mind is how it would affect them, and then you get the sloppy seconds. If it’s more pros for them than you, you go with it, because you’re in love.


If they’re happy, you’re happy. You could have had the shittiest of shit days, but seeing them smile melts all of your troubles away. Your attitude revolves around theirs.


Conversely, nothing pains you more than seeing them upset. If they’re in a bad mood, you can’t help but feel bad. And, because you’re in love, you’ll do anything in your power to lift their spirits.


Even one day without seeing them is a total slog. You love them so much that going too long without seeing them feels like you’ve wandered through a desert for months with no food or water.


Whenever either of you are seen alone, friends and family ask where the other one is. You’re so in love that you’ve become one entity, essentially joined at the head. For others, seeing you two apart is confusing.


You talk all the time, sometimes about serious topics, sometimes about nothing. But here’s the thing, there’s never nothing for the two of you to talk about. Your chemistry is so strong that you’re always riffing, playing off of each other.


There’s nothing you can’t tell your partner. You trust them with even the most incriminating information. Obviously you have nothing to hid, but if you ever did, your lover is your number one confidant.

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