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7 Things You Can’t Avoid in a Long-term Relationship


Being in a long-term relationship definitely comes with its perks. You don’t have to deal with annoying online dating anymore, and you always have someone who has your back. However, there are some quirks to being in a long-term relationship that you just can’t ignore.


Everybody poops. Just like you can’t avoid breathing, you’re going to have to poop at some point in front of your significant other. Eventually you two are going to be so comfortable pooping around each other it won’t even be a big deal.

Being gross in general

Poop isn’t the only gross thing you have to deal with in a long-term relationship. You also can’t avoid farts, burps, sweat, body odor, and everything in between. It may seem disgusting now, but you’ll learn to love it eventually.

Staying in

Another thing you can’t avoid in a long-term relationship is being lazy together. While you may sometimes go out, you will spend most of your nights inside watching TV together. And believe it or not, you’ll prefer It over going out.

Only hanging out with your couple friends

When you’re single, you always seem to spend time with other single people. The same happens when you’re in a long-term relationship. When you leave the house, your friends are almost always other couples.

No more spooning

Spooning seems like the most intimate moment you can share with your partner, but when you’re in a long-term relationship, it’s just a nuisance. You get sweaty, bored, and you just need your space. It’s inevitable: you’ll eventually prefer sleeping on opposite ends of the bed.

Questions about marriage

Whenever you go out with your long-term partner, you can’t avoid the questions from friends and family about the future of your relationship. Whether you’re ready to get married or not, you’ll be irritated by everybody’s questions anyway.


Once you’re in a long-term relationship, you know exactly what your partner is thinking. They also know what you’re thinking too. Since you know each other so well, your relationship is way stronger than others. Be grateful.

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