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7 Things You Should Consider When Bringing Your S/O Home for the Holidays

Because anybody who puts up with your family deserves some credit.

As I go through the hypothetical dilemmas of introducing my hypothetical boyfriend to my parents, I have this instant panic. It’s a terrifying experience to introduce your significant other to your family but bringing them home for the holidays far surpasses in terror. It can be nerve-wrecking for you because you don’t know how your family will act and what’s worse how your partner will act around your family. But, it’s important to remember that the person that is meeting your family for the first time is just as nervous, probably more; which is why I’m on the side of the visiting lover.

Don’t get me wrong, you have to deal with the questions from your relatives about your partner but you at least can be a little snarky without being labelled a total bitch; because your family accepts you as you are. For the partner that’s visiting, they have to constantly be mindful of the impression they’re leaving with your relatives, so your significant other deserves some respect. There are some serious things you have to consider before bringing your latest beau home for Thanksgiving.

Is it too soon?

If you’ve been dating Joe Schmo for 2 weeks, it may be best to let them go with their usual holiday plans. Don’t even dare asking your significant other home for the holidays if you haven’t been together longer than 3 months or they aren’t just sweeping you off your feet. Don’t interrupt your family’s Thanksgiving with some random from a nightclub.

Is your family welcoming with your new relationships?

This is really important to consider because it could make or break a first meeting with your family and significant other. How does your family do with your new relationships? Are they welcoming and inviting? Or are they more judgmental and closed off? If your family doesn’t deal well with change, choose a different event to invite them to. It might be too much for both parties and the last thing you want is for your partner to think your family hates them.

Is your partner’s family life like yours?

My family is loud and we love to pick on one another, so obviously if my hypothetical boyfriend is a little more insecure and quiet, the environment might be too much for him. Some people just don’t understand certain dynamics so you have to be mindful of other families and their personalities.

Whatever you do, introduce your significant other to your siblings first

Introducing your partner to your siblings is the safest way to go. If you have the support of your siblings, there’s more of a safety net for your significant other and they will feel more at home. Is easier to get along with siblings and relate to them because they’re typically closer in age and more open to other people.

Include your significant other in your family traditions

If your family likes to watch football before dinner at Thanksgiving, have your partner participate in that tradition. Whatever tradition your family practices, include your partner in them. Although it may be difficult for them to understand how important it is to your family at first, they will slowly catch on and be a part of the fun.

Act natural and calm so they can be natural and calm

If you are panicked about bringing them home for the holidays, then they will be panicked. Don’t put that added pressure on you or your partner. Just relax, I can assure you that the Thanksgiving meal will not be ruined if your partner makes a bad joke.

Make time for just the two of you

In order to keep your significant other completely at peace, you have to allow time together that doesn’t include your family. It will give your partner the break they deserve after several hours of being “on” so to speak.

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