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7 Things to Look For in a Wingperson

If you’re looking to seal the deal with a last minute Valentine’s Day date, you might be scraping the bottom of the barrel. If you’re going to the places you’d swore you’d never go date hunting, like clubs or brothels, you’re going to need yourself a good wingman. Someone who can shine your shoes, without making you seem like you’re trying too hard.

They Know Their Range

It’s not very profitable if your wingman is not roughly around your level. If he’s too high up, he’ll draw fire. Too low, and he’ll be a bad vouch for you. It’s tricky business, but someone who is close to you in personality and mindset is a good starting point.

They Let You Pick First

A TRUE wingman stays under the wing. He or she lets their friend have first pick at a possible mate. If they’re winging you, odds are they have a partner already, or maybe owe you a solid. But they should be letting you lead the way, hence the title of wingman.

They Know Their Intros

Your wingman/woman (hereon out designated as wingperson), should know how to set the tone nbefore you come into the picture. A minute or two of talk, and then they tag you in for the clinch. But remember, you’re the star here. They had their chance.

They Know How To Shadow

A good wingperson doesn’t want to be incredibly memorable, and risk outshining you. they should be quick and effective, while laying down the groundwork for you to come in and take over. If they’re too funny or extremely friendly, it’ll change the mood for the change-up.

They Can Play Nanny

After you’ve engaged your target in conversation, your targets’ friends are now one friend short. It’s up to the wingperson to keep them busy while you talk to the target. If they can hold their attention without being so weird that they freak the friends out, they’ve done their job.

They Need To Know How To Effectively Cockblock

If another person comes along, eyeing your target, the wingperson has to keep them away. If they can annoy the person, distract them, or just tell them their friend is with them, this is good. They don’t want to start anything physical though. That never ends well.

Keep the Alcohol Level Managed

If your wingperson is starting to get too buzzed, they can risk ruining the entire operation. They should have at least one drink, to get talkative and fun, but should be able to keep a level head and remember what their job at hand is.

Whether this is your checklist for another person, or you’re trying to improve your own skills, it’s good to have some rules of thumb when entering the arena of dating.

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