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7 Things Your Man Will Miss Most About You After You Break Up

Breakups are tough for all involved. We can dwell on them for years. No matter what we try to move on, there’s always something that holds us back.

Each relationship has its ups and downs. We remember the good and the bad. While people focus on forgetting everything, there are always memories that stick with us. It is human.

No matter how hard we try, men fail to cover up their vulnerability after breakups. They will miss you more than you think. Even in a nasty breakup, there will always be a yearning for your ex.

Your Music

Music guides so many relationships. You can tell so much about a person based on their music taste. Even if all he did was complain, there were some songs that stuck with him. Your favorite song made its way onto his playlists.

Your Advice

Girls give the best advice. Better than any man can. They always know what’s right, and guys appreciate that. Who will help your man now? He’ll just go back to making the same mistakes. Although you may feel like he never listened, some of your knowledge will stick with him forever.


Relationships feature a lot of spontaneous acts. Your girl might’ve surprised you with lunch at work. Or a gift out of the blue. These are the cute things everyone will remember – and miss the most. Gifts with more meaning than worth will never be forgotten.


Having someone to talk to at any time is great. It can really help people to always have someone to lean on. Conversations with your significant other are special in any relationship. There’s so much you learn through this and it will be missed at the end of it all.

Your Presence

Sometimes being alone sucks. When you’re with someone, you can always have time to spend with them. Guys enjoy cuddling more than they will admit. The comfort of laying with someone and just being with them. It’s an easy thing to overlook, but it can definitely make a positive impact. Although you’re not together anymore, these close and intimate moments will be missed. This includes the sex.

The Routine

Mondays are for movie night. Tuesdays require bowling shoes. Saturdays are for going out – with her, sorry boys. This routine can be different for all couples. Guys miss it because they fall into the routine heavy. It takes time to commit to these weekly events. No matter how tired work makes us, we always have time for one another on our schedules. To go from this to a bare schedule with no plans can be a bit shocking and unnerving for some.


Most importantly, guys will just miss you. They will miss everything about you. Looks, personality, voice it all plays a part. Breakups take their toll differently. While it might take a while for these signs to show, they will come sooner or later. We live in a time where people hide their emotions in fear of looking weak. But after breakups, not much can be done to hide how we feel.

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