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7 Things You Need to Know About Tantric Sex

Tantric sex is an ancient practice which dates back as far as 5,000 years ago. It’s an ancient Hindu and Buddhist practice, the main goal being spiritual enlightenment.

Tantric sex is more than just sex, it’s a ritual which takes time, focus, and patience. It is a practice which can be used by couples to deepen their bonds and increase the duration and pleasure of intercourse.

It can be a bit difficult at first, but it’s worth it with all the health, spiritual, and sexual benefits it promises.

It’s an ancient practice, so if its lasted this long it must be good

Tantric sex is a Hindu practice which dates back to more than 5,000 years. It’s and accent Eastern spiritual practice whose philosophy transcends the bedroom, and its main goal is spiritual enlightenment.

Don’t let the name mislead you, It’s not all about the sex

Tantric sex is suppose to help you gain a new perspective about your sexuality. Tantric sex is suppose to help you manifest and control your sexual energy and learn to appreciate your partners body.

Can help cause longer and better orgasms

If done properly tantric sex can last hours, and during so a person can have multiple orgasms. Tantric sex allows you to circulate your sexual energy throughout your body so that every part is stimulated and feeling pleasure. Orgasms last longer, as the pleasure builds but never peaks, allowing you to ride a wave of ecstasy for a long extended period.

It can cause orgasms without you having to actually have sex

Some couples have been reported to have had orgasms without having had sex. The spiritual connection alone, mixed in with some physical contact such as hugging has been enough to send some couples over the edge.

Makes you more intimate with your partner

Experts say that tantric sex can increase intimacy with your partner and make relationships stronger and happier. It helps partners learn to really appreciate and respect one another. It also makes them focused on pleasuring each other.

It can be a slow process

Tantric sex can be pretty slow. It’s all about slow movements and learning how to have patience. The slowness of the process is meant to increase pleasure and to conjure orgasms that last much longer.

It has great health benefits

Tantric sex can cause longer and more frequent orgasms with can help benefit your health. Tantric sex helps increase blood circulation and the deep breathing helps detoxify your blood. It also improves your cardiovascular system and immune system.

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