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7 Things You Should Still Be Grateful For Even When You’ve Had a Shit Day


Rough day, sport? Didn’t get a good night sleep? Did the deli put ketchup on your bacon-egg-and-cheese when you specifically reminded them not to? Or maybe you simply busted your ass no less than five times on the slippery tundra of death that is the NYC sidewalk. Whatever the catalyst was, bad days can happen, and seemingly nothing can remedy them. In times like that, it’s important to step back and take perspective; don’t let your shitty day put you in a shitty mood; don’t let it win. Instead, go full Zen monk and reflect on things in your life that you can appreciate in this trying time.


You could just as easily have been a dirty thought in your dad’s mind, or at the very least, a crispy glimmer grafted to the inside of a sock. It’s difficult (and disgusting) to imagine, but your existence itself is fleeting, so be thankful that you have even been granted to opportunity to be born.

Taste Buds

Could you imagine if we couldn’t enjoy food? We would be like cattle, eating for nutrients, calories and nothing else. I don’t see any real genetic advantage to being able to enjoy food, but I’m always thankful that we as humans have evolved in such a way. When you’re feeling down, snap off into a corned beef sandwich for some existential empowerment.

Ear Buds

When it feels like the world is giving you the shaft, activate your personal sonic shield to block out all those negative vibes. Listening to music, watching something, whatever, aurally isolating yourself can help you find your center. Also, be thankful other folks have earbuds too. I don’t care that Beyoncé is the queen, “yas” and so forth, I shouldn’t be forced to become a subject in your musical monarchy.


Just because the strangers in your immediate vicinity don’t give a shit about you, take solace in the fact that, somewhere on the planet, there are people who would at least hesitate before pushing you into traffic. If you don’t have friends to be thankful for, then do what I do: I remain thankful for the agency that allows me to hire people out to pretend to be my friends. Their hourly rates are pretty reasonable.


I think it’s safe  to say that more than half of the stuff we rely on throughout our day is dependent upon electricity. Thankfully, years and years of people smart enough to use if effectively have created an entire electrical infrastructure to piggy back off of. Sure, we have to pay for it, but I know I could have never invented that shit. Left to my own devices, I couldn’t scrounge up a simple potato clock, so I’m thankful for the genius’ over the years who weren’t stingy about their creations.

Time Period

As bad as your day may have been, it probably would still be better than your best day had you been alive during the Middle Ages, or something. It’s nice to be alive in a time when I don’t have to worry about my house being burnt down by blood-thirsty raiders, or contracting a plague from raw sewage in the streets that has nowhere to flow. 2017 isn’t without its problems, but at least we’ve (slightly) advanced as a civilization over thousands of years.


Having a bad day is shitty, but it’s shittier to not even be able to tell somebody about it. Keeping it inside will just make each day get exponentially worse. Being afforded the opportunity to express ourselves, through speech, writing or interpretive dance, is something to be thankful for. We, as humans can communicate our dissatisfaction, even if no one happens to be listening.

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