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7 Things You Will Never Be Able to Change About Your Significant Other


A common mistake you hear from a girl’s mouth at least one in your life is that you can change a significant other. There’s no such thing as a perfect partner, but that doesn’t mean you can mold another person to fit your ideal boyfriend or girlfriend. In particular, here are seven things you shouldn’t even bother trying to change about your significant other.

Bad habits

Small things like biting nails and chewing with their mouth open are here to stay, no matter how much we don’t want them to. Don’t waste your time and energy trying to stop your significant other’s bad habits, because they will never go away completely.

Sense of style

You may try to dress your boyfriend or girlfriend up the way you want, but deep down, their style isn’t changing. Shopping for them or styling them to your liking may work initially, but they don’t last forever. At the end of the day, your significant other will dress the way they always have, whether you like it or not.

Religious beliefs

Trying to change your significant other’s religious beliefs is not only a lost cause, it’s also pretty fucked up. Don’t try to mess with your boyfriend or girlfriend’s belief in God, or lack of, because it will never work. Changing the amount of times they go to church is attainable, but anything bigger than that isn’t going to happen.

Family relationships

Even though you think you may know your significant other’s family well, you can never successfully try to change the relationship between your boyfriend/girlfriend and their parents. Whether it’s trying to bring them closer together or further apart, it’s nothing you can change, and frankly, it’s none of your business.


The way someone perceives the world and prioritizes what is important to them can never be changed by a significant other. A person’s values are a crucial part of their identity, and can’t be shifted or swayed just because their boyfriend or girlfriend disagrees. If the disagreement is too serious to handle, just walk away.


No matter how much you try to improve lines of communication between you and your partner, their communication style is something you have to adapt to rather than change. If you prefer constant communication while your significant other likes to talk less frequently, learn to compromise instead of force them to change the way they like to communicate.


The best part of relationships is exploring new things together, but there are some interests that your partner may have that you cannot change. It doesn’t matter if you can’t stand watching sports or hate going out, it’s important to respect your significant other’s interests. If you expect your interests to be valued, make sure to extend that same courtesy rather than try to change them.

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