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7 Times Loves Isn’t Enough to Keep a Relatiosnhip Together


Love plays a major role in every relationship, but sometimes its not enough to keep two people together. Two people can breakup while still being in love, which proves that other factors can cause someone to decide that they no longer want to be with their partner.

Some of the reasons people may break up may be due to problems within the relationship, or maybe things just aren’t the way the used to be. There might also be some external influences that can cause a breakup. But at the end of the day, everything must come to an end, and your love life is no exception.

You two are arguing way too much

You guys always seem to be at each other throats, arguing about every little thing. You guys seem to have more arguments than you have good times with each other. The constant arguing is unhealthy for both of you, and at this point the relationship has become toxic.

The sex is not that great

You love them, but you never feel satisfied in bed. You two have tried different positions, toys, and methods but it never seems to work. Or maybe they don’t consider your pleasure while having se with you, and you constantly feel neglected. The love may be there, but the chemistry is just non-existent.

You guys don’t have anything to talk about or share

You guys don’t really have anything to talk about anymore, it’s like you two have ran out of things to say. This might mean the end of the road for you two, because now nothing but awkward silence surrounds your relationship.

Everything they do seems to annoy you

Every little thing they do bothers you, even the things which you at first thought were cute. But now that the honeymoon period is over you’ve realized that you can’t stand to be around them too much, and it might be time to end things.

Lack of Trust

If there’s no trust between you two than its only downhill from here. The lack of trust may be due to past, or current behavior that has caused a lack of faith in the other person. Trust is something that can easily be lost and is almost impossible to fully regain. So once trust is gone that might mean the end of your relationship.

Your lives are pushing you on two separate paths

Your careers, families, or obligations might be pushing you two away from each other. You might be forced to choose between your career, family, dreams, responsibilities, or the person you love. And there might be a chance that you might find more value, or promise in one of the other options and not your partner.

One persons love isn’t enough to hold up the relationship

One of you might fall out of love, or might want to see other people. As much as the other person may love them, their love might not be enough to keep them, and it isn’t enough to keep the relationship afloat. You might have to abandon ship and just let your relationship sink.

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