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7 Ways to Hint That You Want to Get Married Without Looking Totally Crazy

Ah, marriage. It matters more to some than to others, and it often ends up being a deal-breaker between couples who have differing views on the subject. Other times, one person wants to get married but the other is oblivious or scared. Those times are salvageable- especially with the right hints.

So, you want to marry your significant other. You’ve found the one you want to spend the rest of your life with. Congratulations! That’s a big deal. Perhaps you’ve found yourself waiting on him or her to propose. That’s okay-there are ways to let your partner know without completely sacrificing your dignity.

Without further ado- here are 7 methods of hinting that you want a ring without looking like that crazy girl/boy:

Leave Your Browser History Open

Okay, this one might be a little stupid, but it’s not exactly crazy. Don’t go overboard: looking at wedding gowns, venues, and floral arrangements on Pinterest might send him or her running for the hills. Instead, go for something a bit more subtle: browse through “How He Asked” on Instagram or have one website open on rings. If you look like you’re planning the entire ceremony, it’s freaky. If it looks like you’re just casually looking into what’s out there, it might get the ball rolling!

Casually Mention It

Bring marriage into the conversation, but be careful about it. Don’t say, “When we get married, should we invite your Great-Uncle Larry?” Keep it light and airy. Mention what you might like to have at your wedding someday, or bring up a friend’s wedding that you enjoyed. Breezily say that you might like a beach wedding and ask your partner if he or she is into that. Sure, it’s silly, but sometimes your partner isn’t proposing out of fear of rejection. Bringing up your own wedding will ensure that you’re down to tie the knot.

Utilize Your Friends

Again, this one is pretty sneaky, but you wanted hints! If your partner hasn’t figured it out yet, you could try asking your friends to bring it up. Hell- a lot of friends will do that even when you don’t want them to. Have Jessica ask Todd when he’d like to get married. If he unabashedly declares that marriage isn’t for him or he needs years before he’s ready (which is fine, by the way), you know you might not be getting a ring from him. On the other hand, if he seems interested or even bashful, it might mean the plan is in the works!

Better Yet, Utilize His Friends

If you’ve got a solid foundation with your significant other’s friends, that’s an even better outlet. Don’t ask his douchey friend that you barely know, but if the two of you have a mutual friend or something, ask him or her. You can see if your potential fiancé has ever mentioned the subject. Be careful who you ask, though: the “bro” friend could easily go running to your partner and scare him or her off.

Bring Him or Her to a Wedding

I mean, presumably you’re already bringing your serious S.O. as your wedding date. Use this joyous occasion as a way of talking about your own wedding. Don’t overdo it, but mention that you’d like to wear a strapless wedding gown or that you’d also enjoy an outdoor wedding. Plus, the wedding will get your partner used to the idea. A beautiful ceremony makes everyone forget that half of marriages end in divorce!

Go On a Dreamy Vacation

What says “propose to me” better than white sandy beaches, crystal-clear waters, and a bunch of fruity drinks? Not saying this is a guaranteed win, but going on a serious trip together might aid you in your quest. Especially if your partner is already considering proposing- he or she will likely use this as an opportunity!

Avoid Ultimatums

Giving your partner an ultimatum is the easiest way to scare him or her away from you. Rather than saying, “If you don’t propose to me by June, it’s over,” try to practice your own patience. Why is it so important to you to have that ring on your finger today? Are you willing to wait at least a year? Not everyone is on the same page marriage-wise, and you have to think about why this ring is so important. If you truly cannot wait, you can be direct, but make sure you’re not phrasing it like a breakup.

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