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7 Ways to Keep Yourself From Going Back to Someone Who is No Good

After breaking up with someone, it can be difficult to get over them and grasp the fact that they will no longer play the role as “partner in crime, “best friend”, or “lover” in your life. There will be times where you’ll consider contacting them in hopes of getting back together because you miss them, or because they’ve always been the first person you called when anything happened.

But now things have changed, and you have to realize that the relationship is no longer there. And keeping up constant communication with them, and always having a desire to see or talk to them will only make it harder on you.

So it’s time to break away, and to keep strong during a time in which you’re very vulnerable. There’s nothing wrong about the feelings and desires you have, but it’s best for you to to follow these steps in order to protect yourself.

Unfollow or block them on social media

Having them on your newsfeed can make it difficult getting rid of your feelings for them and getting over them. So in order to avoid feelings from welling up every time you see a pic of them, either unfollow them or be extreme and block them to prevent yourself from ever seeing their pictures.

Create a list of cons as to why they shouldn’t be in your life

If at times you want to contact them because there’s something about them that keeps you coming back or that you miss, just remember, with all of their positive aspects, come some negative ones.

Fill up your free time

Get rid of temptation by filing up your time. Get your hands moving by doing some physical work, or your mind occupied by watching TV, reading, or music.

Put them on “do not disturb” 

Put them on “do not disturb” so that any text or calls you get from them, you won’t notice till later on. Also having them in that mode will lead you to anticipate any contact from them less.

Put a foot note next to their name on your contact list

Next to their name on your contact list add a little side note as to why you no longer fuck with them. Examples like : “fuck boy,” “never paid me back,” “cheater,” “liar,” “fish in bed”.

Whenever you have an urge to contact them, contact a friend first so they can knock some sense into you

Use your friends as a means to help you get back to reality. If they’re your real friends, they’ll make sure you won’t go back to someone who they know is no good for you. Your real friends will be honest with you and will want the best for you, so you can count on them when it comes to knocking some sense into you.

Figure out why you feel the “need” to contact them, and find a way to resolve it on your own

If you ever feel the “need” to call them, figure out why that is. Is it because you saw something funny that they might like? Or you wish they were there to comfort you about something? Or maybe you just plain out miss them?  Well, all of those reasons are understandable, but there was a time when you two weren’t together, so try to remember what you did back then. I’m sure back then you’d look to friends and family for comfort or for company. So you don’t “need” them, not really: you will still live on without them. It’ll be hard at first but, trust me, you will make it.

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