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7 Ways To Make Cutting Toxic People Out Of Your Life Easier

It’s 2018 and you might find yourself wanting to make some changes in your life. That might mean that you’re ready to let go of some of the toxic people in your life who you feel will keep 2018 from being your year.

But it’s not always that easy to cut someone off, especially if they’re someone whom you had (or still have) strong feelings for. Sometimes we hang to all the good memories, and we tend to focus on them to distract ourselves from all of the red flags.

But honestly, you need to learn how to let some people go, especially if they only bring negativity to your life. So I’ve written down some tips how to get over someone, whether it’s an ex or a former best friend, so you can enjoy the new year with less baggage.

Add a side note next to their contact

Sometimes you need to leave yourself a little reminder as to why you don’t hangout with this person anymore. In parentheses, I usually put “past” to remind me that they’re a part of my past, or “fuckboy” when I need a bit more info on why I don’t talk to them anymore. But honestly, you can choose whatever you think will best trigger you into deleting whatever it was you were about to text, or stop you from giving them a call.

Put their whole existence on Silent mode

Since they’re canceled from your life, you need to make it official. Now maybe you’re like me and find it difficult to delete someone’s number, or unfollow them on Instagram, so you don’t have to fully commit. If anything, put them on silent mode on your phone; it helps make you not anticipate a text or call from them, so you won’t always be on edge waiting for your phone to ring or vibrate. And try to block them on social media or unfollow.

Spend time with other people in your life

They’re probably not the only people you know, so go spend time with your other friends. Try going on a date, maybe, and just enjoy yourself. And if you don’t have any other friends, or no date, then there’s always your family, who will always be glad to see you.

Spend some time by yourself

Spend some alone time by yourself. Honestly, it becomes easier having certain people leave your life, when you become comfortable just being by yourself. Now I’m not saying to isolate yourself from everyone, but learn how to enjoy yourself without needing anyone else around; it’s a very valuable skill to have.

Remind yourself they’re not worth your time 

As time passes you might miss them, or wonder what they’re up to, and if they think about you. Well instead of having those thoughts swimming around your mind, just list the reasons in your head as to why they’re not a positive influence in your life. Keep reminding yourself so you don’t end up giving in, and being disappointed once agin.


Honestly, you should always Treat Yo Self, but that’s just me. But seriously, this is the best time to pamper yourself and buy those shoes you’ve been dying to get. Treating yourself will remind you that you can take care of yourself, and you can make yourself happy.

Listen to some inspirational music

Music is key in getting over someone. My personal choices are anything SZA or Rihanna, because their music is made to make you feel like a “bad bitch,” even if the situation is shitty. Also, I think Big Sean’s Universal will make anyone feel like they’re “that bitch.” But hey, maybe for you it’s Bob Dylan or The Spoons who get you inspired. No matter what your music choice is, as long as it gets you feeling good, then it’s what you need to be listening to.

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