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7 Ways to Put a Twist on Thanksgiving Recipes

Take that recipe, flip it and reverse it!

Thanksgiving is almost here and if you’re a fatty like me that can appreciate the glory that is this holiday, you have grown tired of the same old dishes. Of course, there are the traditional dishes that you so look forward to but honestly, it might be time for you to switch up your recipes. You can still enjoy the magic that is mashed potatoes and green beans but try to incorporate newer treats; which can be accomplished by small changes.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure your notorious chocolate chip cheesecake is to die for but nothing will shock your relatives than a twist on the favorites. You could spend the rest of your days serving the same basic-ass dishes your mom used to make or you can be an individual. Create your own traditional dish or be a rebel and keep your family on their toes. Challenge yourself to switch up the expected Thanksgiving dishes, it’s not as difficult as you would think.

Deep fry it

And I mean deep fry EVERYTHING. Instead of roasting your turkey in the oven for hours on end, you can simply douse the bird in hot oil and cook your turkey in mere minutes. Everyone in your family will die for this decadent turkey and while the oil is hot, you might as well deep fry mac and cheese bites.

Find a healthier alternative

Or if you are one of those people who still watches what they eat during Thanksgiving, punish your family by doing it too. Except, this isn’t necessarily a punishment! It is completely plausible to have a delicious Thanksgiving dish that doesn’t make you feel suicidal after. Instead of mashed potatoes, opt for mashed cauliflower which is literally the same thing but half the calories! Or make it easier by cutting half the butter, oil or sugar you put on any dish. Most dishes don’t need the extra calories.

Put chocolate on everything

We all love the typical pumpkin pie but why don’t you try a chocolate pumpkin pie? It’s still got the heavenly taste of the cinnamon and pumpkin with the rich taste of chocolate. People are putting chocolate on bacon! You can do what you want, don’t let anyone tell you no!

Try new appetizers

There is a recipe for a jalapeño popper dip that makes my mouth water. You don’t always have to put out the french onion dip with potato chips. Try out new types of dishes! Your family will thank you.

Festive-themed cocktails

Doing all of the cooking in the morning can make a girl quite thirsty, why not have a cranberry mimosa? Put the orange juice aside and fill your champagne with cranberry for a holiday twist on day drinking. Don’t be ashamed, cooking is hard and you deserve a cocktail.

Don’t serve turkey

There is such a thing has a baked ham for Thanksgiving. Instead of roasting the typical Thanksgiving turkey, don’t serve turkey at all! Reach for the ham, the seafood or for your vegan friends, the vegetables. Thanksgiving isn’t about turkey, it’s about stuffing your face with any food that’s there. Shock your guest with a pineapple glazed ham instead, it’ll be a nice change from the expected main dish.

Don’t serve anything

When all less fails, don’t serve anything. That’ll get your family talking!

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