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7 Ways to Still Have Fun A Fun Summer Even If You’re Broke AF

Summer is the best. People tend to be happiest around summer, probably because it is associated with vacation and relaxation. It’s a time where you can do nothing outside and still have a great time. The one caveat: money. Summer can be fun, but without money, it can be difficult. You might have to be a bit more selective with the things you can do. Have no fear though, I have a list of things today when you’re broke:


This one is a no-brainer. There are tons of beaches. It’s a quintessential part of summer. You bust out your flip-flops and go to the beach. Pray you don’t get sand in anything or find remnants of sand somewhere in your clothing two weeks from now. Go with friends and have a good time. Don’t like the water? You can roam around the sand building sandcastles, play volleyball, or just lay and tan. Do like the water? Hop into the chillingly refreshing water (after waiting for your sunscreen to settle, of course) and have fun with friends.

Read In Public

Ok, books are cheap. If you don’t have/want to spend money on a book you can always borrow one from the library. What? No library card? It’s okay, those are free too! You have no excuse now. Ok, so once you have the book comes the easy part: just read. Open it up, try and avoid getting paper cuts and just read. If you don’t like to be out then read indoors. If you do like to be out then you can go to Central Park and read even better if you have a spot hidden that no one knows about where you can read in peace.


if you’re an outdoorsy person you’re probably already cleaning your hiking shoes in anticipation for the summer. If not, you might want to skip ahead on this list. Hiking is a fun way to experience the outdoors, without doing anything too strenuous. It helps that it’s a great form of exercise too! Especially if you live in a city, sometimes it’s nice to get away from the hectic fast pace life. A hike provides a nice change of scenery and is the complete opposite of city life.

Free Summer Concerts

One perk about summer is that there are always free concerts around somewhere. The odds of Beyonce performing at a free Central Park summer concert? Very slim. I never said the best bands/artists will be performing, but it’s something. Maybe an opportunity for you to broaden your music horizons. Find a band you’re not all that familiar with and go to one, you might enjoy their music more than you think.


Museums are nice. They’re fun. There is a museum for whatever you may be interested in. They are a great place to learn about new things or keep updated about your favorite artist/historian. What’s great is that the people at museums are nice and they either do free admission days or donation-based admission (for the donation based ones it’s ok if you can’t throw down that much, just make sure when you’re a full fledged job and go to a museum you make up for it.) It’s a nice place to avoid what can be abysmal heat at times.


You owe some time to yourself. Despite whatever is going on in your life you need some downtime to be a couch potato and chill. There is no better way to do this than to crank up that AC, open up Netflix, put on that blanket, and enter CozyVille. Sometimes you need to just binge watch a show. You distance yourself from the world and enter the realm of whatever series you watch. Get lost in the stories and characters for a little bit.

Get a Job

Haha! Did you expect this to be the last one? Ok, I know this sounds super lame, but it is time well spent. If you get a job it gives you money and the money will in turn give you more options. It also keeps you busy, so that when you are out you’re more appreciative of your time. This is better than being at home bored because you have no money to do anything. You won’t be that friend that can’t meet up because you have no money and have to worry fear missing out on something and fear that your lack of money and presence at social settings is a contributing factor to your friends slowly distancing themselves from your life. What was I talking about?

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