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7 Ways to Tease Your Man with Your Tongue


Your hands and hips are important, but being skilled with your tongue is a must. It’ll help you tease your man a little instead of shedding your clothes as soon as you hit the bed. It’s not a waste of precious time; it’s a way to enhance the pleasure that you’ll both feel by the end of the night. If you’ve never paid much attention to your tongue’s potential, here are a few things you should try the next time things get hot and heavy:

Lick and Blow

Pick a spot on his body, any spot that you wish. Now lick that area. Once you get it nice and wet, blow on it lightly. It’ll create a cold sensation that will make him shiver with pleasure. Try this on as many different spots as you can, because he’ll respond better to some than to others. It’s a learning experience for the both of you.

Fresh, New Tastes

For the most part, your mouth is always going to taste the same, so if you want to spice things up, you have to consume something tasty. Try chewing some mint gum, or placing an ice cube between your lips for a full minute. Once you’re done, kiss your mate, making sure to use your tongue as much as you can.

Eat Off

Hungry for a sundae? Grab some vanilla ice cream or whipped cream and apply it to your man’s chest. Now it’s time to lick it off, as slowly as you can. You don’t want to gobble it all up at once, because the goal is to make him suffer in the best way possible. By the time you’re finished, he’ll be begging for you to put that mouth elsewhere.

Down There

You don’t want to do the same thing to him during every oral session. Take a break from sucking, and start to lick a little. Move your tongue up and down, then in circles, then use it again when you return to sucking. Whenever you can, add a bit of tongue action.

Sensitive Areas

Pay attention to the sensitive areas on his body that you never really think about. His naval, neck, and ears should all get their time in the sun. Just make sure that you communicate, because you wouldn’t want to keep your tongue in his naval for too long while he’s wondering when you’ll get the hint that he hates the feeling. Communication works wonders.

Talk about It

You don’t always have to use your tongue to lick his sexy body. You can also use that tongue to talk, because there’s nothing hotter than hearing about all of the dirty things your partner wants to do to you. Show your dominance by getting on top of him and whispering about how hot he is. The more graphic you get, the better.

Give and Take

When your kisses turn passionate, he’ll try to slip his tongue into your mouth. Let him at certain times, but then pull your head away at others. Make sure he knows that you’re doing this to be playful, and not because you want him to stop. It’ll give him incentive to work for what he wants.

Take advantage of all of the things your talented little tongue can do. It’s a small part of your body, but it can cause a whole lot of pleasure.

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