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7 Ways to Show Your Body Some Love

Lets be honest, we sometimes don’t give our bodies the credit they deserve. At the end of the day when we come home tired and just plop on our beds and go to sleep, it’s really only our consciousnesses that are asleep. Our bodies are always up and running 24/7; the only time they take a break is when you reach your expiration date.

It’s great to know that you are capable of doing everything that you are able to, and everything you want because of your body, but we sometimes don’t treat it the way it deserves to b treated. We put it through stress, we deny it the nutritional food needed for it to have energy, and we refuse to give it the rest it needs to work efficiently.

So take some time to show appreciating for your body, because at the end of the day, you only have one body. That being the case, here are 7 ways to show your body some love to make up for all the shit you’ve been putting it through.

Get enough sleep

Give your body some time to recharge so it can serve you efficiently the next day. A person should get an average of 7 hours of sleep a day. That amount of sleep time might be hard to come by due to a busy schedule, but you should give your body adequate rest several times a week so it won’t break down on you.

Don’t overwork it

Sometimes we get so consumed by our work or obligations that we forget that our bodies are keeping us going but also dealing with a lot of the ill effects that come with working too hard. This could mean not getting enough sleep, not eating right, or putting it under a lot of physical stress.

Feed it the healthy food it craves

I know you might think that caffeine will help it perform better and that sugar will make it help you, but that’s not necessarily what your body needs. These are things that benefit your desires, and allow you to function by using unhealthy and short term means.

Give it a chance to move and sweat a bit

Even if you feel as though you may not have enough time to exercise, try to make time. When traveling, get off several stops away from your destination and get some walking in. If you’re standing while cooking at home, try doing some calf raises or squats. Just try to get some movement in: your body will thank you, and you will appreciate it in the long run.

Invest in its appearance a bit

Invest some money and time on the condition of your body. That can mean treating it to a massage, some nice skin care products, or some expensive juices at those fancy juiceries.

Don’t put it through harm or stress

Don’t put yourself in stressful or dangerous situations that can cause harm to your body. Your body works hard enough to keep you alive and able to do more daily activities so it doesn’t need any more stress.

Don’t burden it

Do not act to your body’s burden. If it’s cold outside, put on a proper jacket: don’t expect your immune system to go into overdrive to keep you from getting sick just because you wanted to be reckless. Don’t drink large amounts of alcohol and give your liver even more work, because it might k.o. and next think you know, you’ve got jaundice.

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