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7 Ways Today’s Women Intimidate Today’s Men


Today, women have men by the balls. Sure, at an institutional level, there is plenty of inequality, hence the marches and the hashtags and such. But on a microcosmic level, women are the ones in control. That control wasn’t easily won, however. Men needed to be coerced into surrendering that power. Here are some of the more creative ways that women secured, and continue to maintain power over men.

A Voice

Over the years, women have elevated themselves to public platforms, allowing them to voice their concerns and fight for what they believe in. Some women have scary things to say, and others are intimidating through sheer volume alone.


Women have their own money now, and can do with it whatever they please. And yes, that means denying her man an allowance, should that be the power dynamic. Or, simply, money is one less thing man can lord over women.


From tack hammers to sledgehammers, all are intimidatingly effective at bashing, busting and bursting whatever is unfortunate enough to get between the heavy instrument and its wrath. All a woman need to is hold up a hammer and cock her eyebrow, and guys will tow the line.


Ladies are strong, physically, too. Now that they’re no longer confined to the household, their wind is stronger, as are their legs. That means there’s no outrunning them fellas, so you better play nice before she puts a hurting on you.


This is kind of a no-brainer, but only 100 years ago, women couldn’t even vote. There have been leaps and bounds for women’s rights since then, of course, but there’s always more work to be done.


Speaking of rights, attitudes about sex have evolved. Like it or not, fellas, sex is not a right, but a privilege, and a privilege that ladies afford you too. That’s one thing they can always threaten to withdraw that has guys swiftly obeying in no time.


More and more, ladies are ascending to positions of power, whether it be in companies, politics or both. Chances are, plenty of guys work for women, if not directly then indirectly through a company’s hierarchy. Demonstrate respect, fellas, otherwise it may cost you your job.

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