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7 Ways Traveling Makes You Smarter

These days, with pictures and videos on social media of various people from all over the world enjoying their time traveling to new places and experience new cultures, it seems that globe-trotting is on the trend. One of the many benefits of traveling is that it heightens your intelligence because it gets you to become more insightful, open-minded, and creative as it provides you real-world experiences that are visceral and tangible. Moreover, traveling leaves a lasting impact on your development as a person in the world.

Still, nevertheless, traveling can be intimidating as it pushes you out of your comfort zone and into unfamiliar environments and forces you to adjust to another culture’s social norms and interactions. But, without the need for traveling to other countries, we will never be able to garner a broadening scope of understanding different kinds of people and the way they live their lives in the world. So, if you want to get some intelligence and knowledge, here are 7 ways traveling makes you smarter.

It expands your multicultural perspective

When you travel to another country and experience their culture, it gives you a new perspective on the way you view the world. It develops your sense of reality and you become aware of all the differences of how everyone lives their lives as well as understand how cultures are different from yours. As a result, you become open-minded, develop sensitivity to these differences, and gain invaluable insights to social cues, norms, and etiquettes which makes you stop generalizing and see just how the world isn’t black and white.

Boosts creativity and brain power

Traveling has a way of boosting your brain power and creativity because, when you arrive in a foreign land, you have to critically improvise and think of ways to solve problems, such as figuring out the social and cultural puzzle. Furthermore, you have to figure out how to communicate with the local people and adapt to your new environment, which increases your attention span and creativity on cultural specifics.

Meet new people

Meeting new people on a daily basis is helpful in enriching your knowledge and life. It’s even more so when you meet people from your travels to other countries as interacting with them will give you a significant outlook on how others live in different situations than those from home. It provides you to look through a different lens and see how different countries have contrastive circumstances that you may have read about but did not experience. Not only does it enhance your social skills, but you come to understand others better.

You learn a new language or two

Going to a foreign country means that you have to familiarize and study their language and its inflections and idioms, which will always be different from your home country. This is probably one of the main reasons why people avoid traveling to foreign countries because the language barriers prevent them from communicating effectively and enjoy their time. However, when you are exposed to a new environment in which you have to learn and pick up their language to get things done, you are forced to utilize your cognitive skills to the point where it improves the functionality of your brain and problem-solving and multitasking abilities.

Awakens your sense of adventure, interest, and curiosity in other cultures

There’s no doubt that traveling the world brings about a sense of adventure, interest, and curiosity in other cultures. Not only does it give you the urge for further exploration of others in the world around you, it gives you the means to learn how to view and understand different circumstances people are in, which leaves a profound effect on your soul and your being in this world.

Traveling requires trying new foods which expand your palate

One of the best parts about traveling to foreign countries is eating the foods that they eat. Sometimes, it could be hard to start and get used to eating foods and other local delicacies from another country, but when you do, it expands your palate which gives you the best insight on the culture of the country you’re visiting. Moreover, you expose your brain to new sensations and flavors that you possibly could have never known or tasted. You learn their ingredients, recipes, and how other cultures go about with their food, correlating to their history and such. So, instead of eating what you know, like McDonald’s, go and try the food and beverages you won’t find back at home.

You become self-sufficient and self-reliant

Like living alone, traveling to unfamiliar places and finding your way around a new environment can be daunting and an ordeal. So, when there is no one to help you out, you’re pushed into a position where you have to adapt to your surroundings and figure out how to get your way around in a place you’re not accustomed to. From this, as a result, you acquire new skills which, in the end, makes you come out more self-sufficient and self-reliant.

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