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8 Awkward Things That Everyone Experiences on a First Date

First dates can say a lot about us, but we shouldn’t let them ruin our date. We can try to avoid the awkwardness in dates, but that’s just a given. It’s a part of dating that will let us determine whether we want to see the person again or not.

Awkwardness can be good, but only in small portions. If the date is awkward from beginning to end, wrap it up, and you might as well delete their number. This doesn’t have to be the case though. There are ways to overcome awkward dates if you’re confident enough. We learn a lot about ourselves through these dates, and what to expect on future outings as well.

When we gather with our friends to tell them about the date, we always see a few similarities to other dates. This serves as a good reminder that we aren’t alone in awkwardness. It happens to everyone, and way more often than we think.

Asking The Same Question More Than Once

It’s awkward when we realize how bad our short-term memory is. Lay off the weed kids, (just kidding). We really need to do a better job at listening to our dates. We shouldn’t have to ask the same question twice, especially if we are really interested in the other person. Pay attention and avoid the awkwardness of badgering them with questions just to figure out a small detail you forgot.

Running into Conversations with Dead Ends

Conversations suck when we can’t keep them going. The conversation is what makes the date, especially on the first go. We need to find topics that won’t end and can carry on the conversation so that we find ourselves on second and third dates.

Where to Put Your Hands 

It can be awkward just thinking about body language. You don’t want to slouch, you don’t want to avoid eye contact or just distancing yourself too much. We may even worry about where we put our hands. If your plans involve you going to dinner, talk with your hands some instead of just keeping them in your pocket. We must act natural on dates if we want to avoid sheer awkwardness, and standing around like a mummy.

The Initial Meeting

While waiting for the person to show up, your stomach fills with butterflies and all worst-case scenarios run through your head. You guys may walk up to each other awkwardly, especially if this is the first time you’ve met in general, but it doesn’t have to be super awkward. Use it to your advantage and realize that you’re both nervous. It’s OK to be nervous, but if you don’t shake it off in the first meeting, you’re in for a rough time.

Who Pays

Ah yes, this is a topic that is constantly revisited on Twitter. We always debate about who should pay on a date. Here’s my frank opinion: the guy should always pay for the first date. It shows confidence in the guy in his ability to provide, and also he should honor the girl he’s with by coming prepared. A lady should expect to be treated well on the first date, and this includes not having to spend her cash, especially if he showed up without a bill in his wallet. This encounter doesn’t have to be awkward and can even set a precedent for the next date.

The End of the Date

The end of the date could lead to relief for some, but awkwardness for others. What if you didn’t learn about each other as much as you’d like? What if you said something that rubbed them the wrong way? Don’t let an awful moment or two ruin the outcome of the first date. You should still feel inclined to ask for a second date and show that you can be yourself after the first outing. However, don’t embarrass yourself too much or this idea won’t really work for you. We’ve all been in situations where we can’t wait to leave, but a date shouldn’t have that  especially if we enjoyed ourselves.

Mispronouncing Their Name

We could be dating someone named Kate Smith and still find a way to mispronounce their name. It’s awkward when you’ve been talking for a couple of weeks and realize you never learned how to properly say their name. Instead of guessing and making a fool of yourself, do the right thing and ask. They will appreciate you asking rather than butchering their name, and it can also lead to a conversation of how the name came to be in the first place.

Not Having a Plan B if Your Original Plans Fall Through

So you forgot to make a reservation. Don’t fret! Make sure you have a backup plan because there are many variables to having a good time on a date, the actual plans should be the last ones to fall apart. We always end up embarrassed when we realize a restaurant closes at 9 and we get there at 10. Don’t let this happen to you and be in charge of what you do.


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