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8 Basic AF Fall Activities You Should Do


A lot of people are turned off by activities because basic girls love to do them. However, just because basic people like something doesn’t mean you have to hate it. Here are 8 activities that may get a bad rap, but you should still do anyway:

Apple picking

We know, it’s super basic. But picking apples is a really fun activity to do with friends, family, or a significant other. And you get food out of the deal. It may be cliché, but we promise it’s worth it.

Pumpkin carving

Don’t be afraid to express your creative side and carve some pumpkins in late October. Even if you’re not good at it, carving pumpkins is a classic traditions that gives you time to reminisce about your childhood.

Drink pumpkin spice lattes

People always love to talk shit on people who drink pumpkin spice lattes. Sure, every basic girl does it, but for good reason. That shit is delicious. Stop worrying about your street cred and order yourself a PSL. Life’s too short to not drink delicious fall drinks.

Pose in a pile of leaves

Leaves in the fall are beautiful, so it makes sense that you should take advantage of them. Grab your phone and take a few photos of yourself laying in a pile of red, orange, and brown leaves for your Instagram. It may be basic, but that doesn’t make it any less pretty.

Go to a Halloween party

Another way to channel your inner child is to get dressed up and go to a Halloween costume party. Sure, it’s basic, but Halloween parties are the best way to recreate your childhood, except with a lot more booze.

Go to a haunted house

If you’re the kind of person who gets bored from the average horror movie, a haunted house is the place for you. Bring someone whose arm you can squeeze and get ready to be scared.

Wear chunky sweaters

Sweater weather is upon us, so you should embrace your inner basic bitch and bring out all of your favorite knit sweaters for the season. Basic bitches may love sweaters (and may have ruined it for the rest of us), but that doesn’t mean you have to let go of your most comfortable clothes.

Eat Pie

Apple pie and pumpkin pie are making a comeback this fall, and basic bitches everywhere are sharing their recipes on Pinterest. Even though pie is a basic girl’s favorite dessert, you should still enjoy pie this fall anyway. It’s too delicious to give up.

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