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8 Movies to Watch if You’re Obsessed with Dogs

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It’s hard to not love dogs. They’re the loyal, friendly, cute, and fluffy friends who you can always count on to make your day better. If you’re someone who’s obsessed with dogs, then you should find some time to sit down and relax with your pupper and watch a nice flick the two of you will enjoy.

If you don’t have a dog, then you’ll still enjoy watching these movies, and they might inspire you to go to the pound and adopt your new best friend.

So get some popcorn, and some doggy treats for your furry best friend, and check out these 8 amazing movies that are all about dogs.

So here are options to make the perfect movie night for anyone obsessed with dogs.

Hachi: A Dogs Tale

Hachi is the heart warming tale of a loyal dog, who waits every single day for its owner outside of his job. But then his owner never returns one day after suffering a fatal heart attack. But through the years, the cold, and the heat, Hachi stays put, waiting for his owner to return. It’s a sad tale, but an also an inspiring one, which will make you appreciate and recognize how much your furry friend really loves you.

A Dog’s Purpose

This movie will make you want to hug your dog, and it will make you wonder what kind of dog it was in a past life. This movie is about how a dog’s love and sense of purpose continues to exist in its many reincarnations. Some of its lives are good, and some not so much, but at the end all it hopes for is to be reunited with his best friend and first owner Ethan.

The Secret Life of Pets

This funny and entertaining animated movie shows us an inside look at what life is like for our pets when we leave them alone at home. The movie follows the life of a Manhattan dog named Max who has to get used to his owners newly adopted dog, Duke. When on a walk the two encounter some vicious alley cats, and end up in a truck heading for a pound. They’re freed by a psycho rabbit, but now they have to learn to work together in order to get back home.

The Fox and the Hound

This classic animated film is about an orphaned fox named Tod who is taken in by the kind widow Tweed. He befriends the neighbor’s hunting hound, Cooper,  and the two become inseparable. But their masters’ relationship and the fact that they are born enemies put a strain on their relationship, and force them to grow apart as they get older. Both end up embracing their true nature, Cooper becoming a successful hunting dog and Tod a wily fox. The two struggle to salvage their relationship, ultimately overcoming all obstacles.


Beethoven is classic movie, about a family who adopts a St. Bernard pup, who grows up to be a huge canine who they name after the famous composer. Everyone in the family adores the drooling huge dog, except the dad (Charles Grodin), who seems to struggles with keeping his role as the patriarch of the family. But Beethoven’s life with his family becomes threatened when an evil veterinarian tries to steal him away to conduct experiments on him.

Marley & Me

This heartwarming film is about a newlywed couple (Owen Wilson and Jennifer Aniston) who just moved from snowy Michigan to sunny Florida. After settling into their new homes and jobs, they adopt a cute Labrador puppy, who they name Marley, who grows up to be quite a handful. But even with all the mess Marley causes, he is a bundle of love within their growing family, bringing out the best in everyone.

All Dogs Go To Heaven

This animated film is about a canine casino owner named Charlie, who is killed by gambling dog Carface. Charlie, though, is given the chance to have time reversed and is sent back to Earth, where he plans his revenge on Carface with the help of a human girl. But when he finds out she’s being exploited by Carface, he must choose which is more important: revenge or rescuing her.


Balto is an animated movie based on the inspiring real life story of the half-wolf/half-dog, who saved an Alaskan town from an epidemic by aiding a team of sled dogs and helping delivering the cure.

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