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8 Positive Things You Should Be Telling Yourself Every Day

Let's keep it positive!

We spend a large portion of our lives constantly criticizing ourselves for not being a certain way. We attack our bodies, our faces and try incessantly to mold them into being the prototype of society’s idea of perfection. Because of that disgusting habit, we are as a collective, depressed, angry and negative. How do we break such a horrible habit? It’s quite simple actually, let’s just speak words of positivity onto ourselves. It’s so easy for us to compliment other people but what about using that same positive energy and turning it inward?

We’ve all read countless self-help books that go on and on about the importance of being positive to get more positivity. It sounds so much easier than it actually is but the effects can change your life forever. You can call it mantras, positive affirmations, or just plain compliments, but being kind to yourself is the only way to drastically improve your life. Silence the voice inside you that is spewing negativity, say positive things to get a positive life.

I can achieve my dreams

You can do anything you put your mind to. Don’t let your setbacks define you. Any dream you have is attainable, you just have to work hard and welcome the opportunity when it comes to you. There is no dream you have that cannot be successful in because you are you.

I am sexy as fuck

Everyone has an opinion about bodies and weight but guess what? Their opinion on your particular body is none of your concern. You are fucking sexy as hell. Tell yourself that every day. Whether dressed or nude, your body is hot and don’t let them tell you different.

I’m not taking that on

Life is bound to have hurdles you feel like you can’t get through but you can. It’s easy to adopt a defeated attitude but it’s not what you are going to do. Don’t take on that victim mentality, you are capable of overcoming it.

Yesterday doesn’t define me

So you fucked up your presentation at work? Turn the page and move on. What you did yesterday is not who you are today. You are able to own the room and captivate the audience, pay no mind to the memories of yesterday, they will only hold you back.

I deserve happiness

You deserve every happiness in the world, don’t hate yourself for anything you’ve done or didn’t do in life. We’ve all made mistakes but that doesn’t mean that we’re bad people or don’t deserve happiness.

I don’t owe anyone anything

Stop feeling guilty! You don’t owe a person a damn thing. You can only control your reaction to circumstances and people, you cannot control others. And because you can’t control others, you don’t have to be obligated to anyone.

I am enough

You are enough. You are worthy and you don’t have to become better because you’re already great. Embrace your greatness, love yourself. There is nothing more that anyone could want in this life than you; because you have it all.

I am a masterpiece

You are a masterpiece, painted by the most superb artist. You are beautiful and glorious. It’s not your fault you are a work of art!

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