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8 Qualities a Woman Has That Instantly Makes Her Forever Material

It’s super hard to find a partner with whom you think you could spend the rest of your life. Oftentimes it’s a years-long process of trial and error as you gradually figure out what you need and want from a lifelong partner.

At times it might feel like a lost cause, like you’ll never find somebody you feel strongly enough about to consider them “forever” material. Even if you do have a partner, you might not know for sure if they are the person for you. However, if you’re seriously considering a woman to be that sort of person, here are some qualities that she might have which could prove that you’ve found the one you’re looking for.

She Gets Along With Your Friends

Let’s start off with one that’s very important. If you’re with a woman who doesn’t get along with your friends, your social life will likely become much more divisive or more limited. This in turn makes your life a whole lot harder because you have to differentiate between how much time you spend with her or with your friends. However, if she and your friends get along well, you can combine some of your time together, making for a very healthy social life. Along the same lines…

She Gets Along With Your Family

Your family is likely to be the group of people with whom you are the closest. When there is discord between them and your partner, it came make life very difficult. The longer you’re with your partner, the more family events they have to come to. If she doesn’t get along with your family, these get togethers will be beyond stressful, as you’ll never quite know which side to take.

You Share Similar Values

Whether it be political views, religiosity, or anything else that’s important to you, sharing those views with your partner will make things much easier in your relationship. You won’t spend as much time arguing about those aspects of life, thus eliminating a good amount of conflict. You shouldn’t expect to agree on everything, but it can certainly help to feel the same way about these types of things.

You Share Similar Interests

You can have a lot more fun together if you and your partner like the same things. You’ll find it easier to agree upon which movie to watch or TV shows to binge, what to do over the weekend, what kind of restaurant to go to, how to spend your free time, and everything in between. Not only will you be enjoying something you genuinely love, but you’ll also be strengthening your relationship.

She Takes Genuine Interest in the Things You Like Even if She’s Not Into Them

While having mutual interests is great, you’re almost guaranteed to like things that she doesn’t and vice versa. However, if she shows that she is genuinely interested in how you feel about things you like, that’s a big sign of her being forever material. For example, if you’re into video games and she isn’t but she takes interest whenever you talk about them, it shows that she’s really into what you have to say. That’s a pretty big one.

The Sex is Great

Good sex is vital in any relationship, but great sex shows an extremely intimate connection between partners. It shows that you read each other’s bodies well in the most private way possible, something that you might not share with anyone else. If the sex remains awesome for a long time, you might be looking at some serious forever material.

She Always Wants to Hear About Your Day

The longer you spend in a relationship, the more familiar you become with one another. As such, you can understandably become more predictable to each other. However, if your partner is always asking about your day, she is showing a genuine interest in your day to day life, even if she already knows what goes on for the most part.

She’s Willing to Drop Everything if You Need Her

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying this always needs to be the case. She can’t always leave work or class to come running to you, unless it’s an emergency, of course. But if she doesn’t have anything of particular importance going on and you call her because you need her for whatever reason, her willingness to come help you shows that she doesn’t mind dedicating her time to you when she can. If this keeps up throughout your entire relationship, she’s really looking like some serious forever material.


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