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8 Real Reasons Women Don’t Want to Get Married in 2017

And we shouldn't have to explain ourselves. But I will.

Women have been taught since they were young that marriage was a part of life and an inevitable occurrence. Marriage is considered to be an important step in one’s life and a determinant of one’s maturity. In the simplest terms, bitches are expected to get married and in these times, more and more women are not getting married. In fact, if you are to research marriage statistics, you’ll find countless websites that go on to explain why women are not getting married anymore. It’s comical that the world is so inquisitive about women’s patterns on marriage that they deem it necessary to uncover the reason why. Maybe women just don’t give a shit? In actuality, why do we have to give a shit?

I’m sure that most men will assume that it is women’s ultimate desire to throw on a white gown and be Mrs. Turkeywinkle. But what if that’s not what we want? Could it be possible that we totally believe in love but don’t want to be married? I can speak for myself, when I say that I hope to one day get married. That being said I completely support women who don’t want to get married. In the same way I don’t believe I need to have children to be happy, it can be applicable to marriage as well. If marriage is deemed to be essential to happiness, what would compel women to shy away from it?

Because we want to travel

We want to see the world! It’s difficult to go out and travel when we have responsibilities with our partners. To travel abroad means to gain the opportunity to learn more and grow more. We cannot have that chance if we’re too worried about making dinner for our husbands.

We don’t want to share the bed

This may sound stupid to some but honestly this is a valid point. It can be incredibly difficult to share a blanket and a bed with another person. I want the bed to my damn self. I wish I was better at sharing but I’m not.

Marriage is basically a business deal

A piece of paper isn’t necessarily a good determinant of the love you share with another person. You could be completely head over heels in love and never get married. Marriage is a business deal to combine asset; not exactly about combining hearts.

We want to achieve our career goals

If I want to go to school for the rest of my life, I should have the ability to do that without any concern on how that will affect others. I shouldn’t be made to feel guilty for wanting to achieve my career goals because I’m not spending enough time with my husband and he’s starting to feel alone.

We don’t want to have kids

Slightly controversial but newsflash, we don’t need kids to feel complete in life. We just don’t. Our namesake can die with us and that’s just fine.

We don’t want to follow society’s standards

We don’t want to abide by the rules that the world tells us we should follow. Nothing makes people more rebellious than to be told to do something. We aren’t puppets in a children’s show, we can’t just follow orders.

We get bored of people easily

Why do we have to be stuck with one person for the rest of our lives? Isn’t part of being alive is the ability to experience all things and all people? We want to meet tons of people because unfortunately we get bored of ourselves; can you imagine a man?

Because we feel complete already

Because we are strong, independent women who don’t need no man!

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