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8 Realities You Have To Face When You Realize You And Your Best Friend Are Drifting Apart

Drifting apart from people can be tough. Whether it’s your partner, best friend, or a family member. When you are close to someone it can be hard to deal with them no longer being in your life.

There are certain realities that you have to face when you are no longer as close as you used to be. It can be because of a fight or you are just drifting apart because you both are changing into different people. In any situation, it sucks.

Here are 8 realities you have to face when you realize you and your best friend are drifting apart:

You have no one to go to the movies with anymore

This might sound stupid, but going to the movies by yourself is pretty freaking lonely. When you no longer have your best friend, you spent all your time with, it can be hard. Movies are a fun experience to enjoy with someone else, if they aren’t there to enjoy it with you anymore, it sucks.

You don’t have a shoulder to cry on anymore

Maybe you just broke up with your boyfriend or your cat died, it’s nice to have someone to cry to. When you lose your best friend you lose the one person that knows everything about you, that person that is able to comfort you when you are sad. It’s a reality that is hard to cope with.

You don’t have someone to talk to all day long

You used to tell your best friend everything. Every detail of your day, every single detail. Now you just occasionally text them with updates of your life. They basically have to pry your life details out of you now, because you just don’t care about explaining life to them anymore.


Sometimes you’re drifting apart for a reason. Maybe you guys were super close but then they hurt you and you can no longer be best friends with them. Take it from me, when you resent your friend for a reason there is no better way to ruin a friendship. Everything they do starts to annoy you, and because of this they will start to resent you too.

You guys both have to move on

Break-ups are the worst. Whether it’s mutual or not, you both have to move on.  Best friend breakups are no different than relationship break-ups. You spend all of your time with someone and moving on can be really hard, especially when no one else compares to them.

You miss them

This is the worse part. You have to deal with not being able to call them, text them, FaceTime them, for everything. You start to miss the person that was there for you for all of those times. You have these memories that you start to replay in your mind over and over again, and it’s hard.

You have to hang out with friends that aren’t as good

I mean you have to hang out with someone. Your best friend was your best friend for a reason. They are the one you had all of your insiders with, the one who you shared a lot of your time with. There’s a reason for this, most people are probably not going to compare but eventually you will find a new best friend.

Life is a little lonelier

Overall, your life kind of sucks when you lose your best friend. You lost your support system, you lost the person you used to share your time with, and life gets pretty lonely. You have to deal with the reality that your life is going to be different without them. Maybe a little lonely but this won’t be forever.

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