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8 Reasons You Should Always Date the Woman That Makes You a Little Nervous

We love to date people that make us comfortable; it’s not as fun as dating someone who is waiting. The whole point of a relationship is to find someone that you can be yourself with. That can mean different things for different people, but at the end of it all nobody wants a relationship to feel like a chore.

Dating sucks but there are ways to overcome it. For example, the people we date have a lot to do with how the relationship will turn out. We choose people based on interests and looks, but there need to be other characteristics we take into consideration.

The women we date say a lot about how the relationship will turn out. The key is to aim for someone you may not know much about. An edge in the relationship will keep you more interested, and these reasons below will point out why dating the girl you’ve known your whole life probably won’t work out.

Keeps You On Your Toes

When you’re around a woman that keeps you on your feet, the relationship clicks a little more. You worry about her whereabouts and you’ll be sure to always be honest with her. This can lead to a good nervousness that will amplify the amount of trust in the relationship. You never want to piss her off, so when you walk lightly and really focus on each conversation, it will be a relationship worthwhile.

It’s More Fun

Relationships suck when you’re a little too comfortable. It’s more fun to be a little challenged in a relationship. It’s more to chase the girl than actually being with her in some cases. This could lead to a fun relationship and probably one you never imagined. The one that makes you nervous is better than the one who makes you hate spending time with her.

It Builds a Stronger Bond

When you’re a little nervous it leads you to try a little harder in the relationship. It’s crazy how hard we work to be comfortable. Our relationships build and become better when we are truly involved in getting to know the other person. The nervousness around the them could lead to us studying them better and knowing what works and what doesn’t early on in the relationship. A relationship that keeps you constantly working may be exactly what you need to see success in bonding with others.

Puts You Out of Your Comfort Zone

The nervousness drives the relationship. When you can’t settle down and be boring that can be a good thing. You never want to give up because trying hard in the relationship is exactly what you want. This is why people tend to date someone who has opposite interests. Dating someone who is too similar too you can lead to issues so leave the comfort zone and learn to build with someone who contrasts you in the relationship.

Shows That You Actually Like Her

Sticking around in the relationship and actually paying attention in it shows that you actually care. We would typically fall out of the relationship if we didn’t like her. Guys get bored quick but when she keeps you interested there’s no way you’ll be bored with the relationship. The effort a guy can show to always be involved will keep the relationship afloat for a long time.

She’s Probably Nervous Too

When a guy is nervous in a relationship, chances are she’s nervous too. It’s a natural feeling especially in a brand new relationship. Despite that fact, it’s up to the guy to work towards being comfortable. There needs to be a drive in a relationship and it won’t just pop out of the blue. Guys need to care and show their girl they care in order to see the relationship grow.

Shows Confidence

You started the relationship by breaking the ice. That took a lot of courage, but you need even more to keep everything going well. This includes showing confidence. You must be calm, cool and collected around the girl, no matter how nervous you are inside. Building confidence can help you in everyday situations even outside the relationship. How we feel when we’re with our significant other can help us in many situations we thought couldn’t be possible.

Being Single Sucks

You’ve found someone who’s willing to be in a relationship with you. That’s not something you come across everyday. It’s dumb to throw away a relationship just because she makes you nervous. Build from that weakness and turn it into a strength in the relationship. You don’t want to prolong being single if you’ve found someone who makes you happy. Overcome the small feat that is being nervous and get to know them really well.

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