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8 Reasons You Should Always go to Bed Happy

It’s like your dear, sweet Great-Aunt Helen used to tell you: Never go to bed angry. Or sad, or vengeful, or cramping. Or ashtray. Ol’ Helen was getting pretty batty toward the end there, wasn’t she?

But the lady had a point: ending the day in a bad mood ruins your night and, in all likelihood, starts the next day off on the wrong foot, too.

There’s a million reasons to go to bed with a song in your heart. We’ve decided to share a mere eight of them with you. The rest shall be revealed to you in a series of cryptic riddles, each more devious than the last. But not just yet, gentle reader. When the time is right.

You’ll Sleep Better

Going to sleep in a good mood means you’ll actually fall asleep. You won’t be tossing and turning, worrying the night away. You won’t wake up in a cold sweat, paralyzed by the burden of free will. And you won’t spend your slumber lost in a tumult of negativity. Which means…

You’ll Have Better Dreams

Say no to nightmares! Going to sleep feeling happy reduces the chance you’ll have bad dreams. Wouldn’t you rather spend your dream hours living it up on a yacht with your sexiest middle school teacher instead of groping your way through some icy labyrinth that keeps transforming itself into a dentist’s office? I know I would.

You Won’t Grind Your Teeth

What, it happens! It’s bad for you, and it’s painful. And it happens when you’re stressed. It wears down the teeth and causes pain. It’s called bruxism. Cool word, right?

Anyway, if you do it they’ll make you wear a mouthguard like some goofy sleepytime basketball player. Not a sexy look.

You’ll Feel Better In The Morning

Your morning sets the tone for the whole day. Wake up feeling worn-out and grouchy and you’re basically setting yourself up for another emotional breakdown. You’ll be groggy and lumbering and irritable all day long and no one will want to talk to you and you’ll keep forgetting what day it is and shit. It’s just a bad scene, man.

It Affects Your Partner 

Your partner is a person, too. They need sleep just as much as you do. And your mood, and your tossing and turning, and your bruxism affects them, maybe even more than it affects you. In fact, many people are only ever diagnosed with bruxism when their partner actually hears them grinding their teeth while they’re asleep.

Just another bruxism fact for you. I got a hundred of these puppies.

Tomorrow Is Another Day

Whatever. The day is over now. What are you holding on to? Release it into the universe. Tomorrow is a brand new day, full of exciting opportunities. Make it a fresh start. And besides…

There’s Nothing You Can Do About It Now

Your constant ruminating isn’t solving a thing. Feelings are just feelings. Observe their appearance in the body as you would any other phenomenon. Just like rain on a windshield. There it goes. Say goodbye. All you’re doing is torturing yourself now.

Sleep Is Awesome

You know how all ay long all you want to do is go to sleep? And then bedtime comes and all you want to do is stay up? It’s so stupid that you do that. You’re so stupid.

Sleep is amazing! It’s easily the best part of any day. Why ruin it with your negative vibrations, my man? You just gotta groove with it. Cherish that shit, brother. Soon you’ll have to wake up and do it all again.

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