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8 Reasons Why You Should Always Try To Learn Something New

Growing up, we were told and reminded by our parents, teachers, and mentors that we should not be afraid of trying something new once in a while. The reason for this is because the world is a fountain of knowledge waiting to be splashed around so that we can become more evolved and well-informed as a person. However, getting out of our comfort zone is a hard thing to do when attempting to explore uncharted territory as it can be daunting and bring fear of what others will think of us when they see us trying to do something new and failing at it.

You may come off as slow and goofy when learning new things but, the underlining aspect of trying to learn new things is to improve one’s ability, skill, and character development so that you can lead a more fulfilling life. If you are still skeptical of trying and learning new things, here are 8 reasons you should take a risk and put yourself out there and always try to learn something new.

Knowledge is power

Sir Francis Bacon once wrote that “knowledge is power,” and he couldn’t be more right about it. This quote has been overused, and rightfully so, as a piece of advice given to young and old people as a means of never shying away from learning new things. The thing about knowledge is that the more one knows, the more power they will have to achieve many things and to be able to control events. No great work can be done without knowledge and no individual or nation can prosper in life without knowledge.

It helps you meet and network with new people

When you try to learn something new, it opens up waves of opportunity to meet new groups of people which can increase your chances of expanding your social circle. With more activity on doing new things, it leads you to have people you can share your cool experiences with and learn and gain wisdom and perspective from others. Moreover, it helps you garner a network that can be carried over in boosting your career choices.

You gain a new perspective on something you never thought will give you insights

Another reason why everyone should always try to learn something new is that you gain new perspective and insights from it. For example, there once was a time when I was adamant about not exercising. Besides the fact that I was scared of looking weak and foolish to other gym-goers, I thought of it as pointless and a waste of time since there are better and more important matters to do. However, at the urging of my friend, I eventually exercised and found myself that not only was exercising fun, but it was also imperative to me in understanding how to have discipline, mental focus, and self-awareness, which can be applied to everything we do in our personal and professional life.

Provides a multitude of topics to converse about with others

Apart from practice, if you want to be a smooth talker, you better immerse yourself in reading books with various subject matters and start experiencing new, different things. When you try to learn new things, it provides you a different range of topics you can discuss and converse with others and strangers. In addition, the more things you learn and know, the more interested you are to others and easier it is to make a connection.

Because you don’t want to live a life with regrets

It’s true when they say you only live once. There have been numerous times in my life where opportunities to learn something new presented to me. But, I always declined them because for two reasons. One, I felt intimidated by learning something new and didn’t want to embarrass myself. Two, I didn’t see the value of trying to learn new things and therefore overlooked them. Now, whenever I see other people learning new things with exuberance, without caring about other people’s feelings and thoughts, it makes me feel awful and regretful about the choices I made in declining to try to learn new things. So, if you don’t want to live a life of regrets, it’s best to face and suck up your fears and do them.

You will never find yourself in boredom

When you expose yourself to learning new things, you put yourself in situations in which you will always be busy and engaged. There’s no other better way to say it besides the fact that learning new things combats boredom and helps you avoid a monotonous life. Moreover, you become a more interesting and thoughtful person when you gain additional knowledge which, in turn, will benefit you from never giving off a boring vibe to friends and others.

It keeps you motivated

If you are not trying to learn new things then what are you doing with your life? When you don’t have new things to learn and experience, it can make you feel depressed and stuck in a rut with no motivation to live life properly. In my perspective, it is natural for humans to find something to do so that it gives them a purpose and the feeling of newness. So, if you are living life with nothing going for you, maybe it’s time to pick up something new to get you motivated.

Learning new things leads to happier and fulfilling lives

The world is constantly evolving and changing that, at the rate at which it’s going, it seems as though it’s never going to slow down. Therefore, as always, we need to learn to adapt with it. Learning something new is crucial to leading a happier and fulfilling life because when you don’t, you become stagnant and fall behind while the rest of the people in the world readjusts and move on. What’s more, learning has a positive impact on self-esteem and self-efficacy, and it is the core need for psychological well-being. Thus, if you want to lead a happier and fulfilling life, it’s time to try to learn something new and keep yourself busy.

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