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8 Reasons Why Couples in Long Term Relationship Should be Having Sex all the Time

When you first start dating someone, sex tends to be more exciting and enjoyable because your doing it with someone new. But after a while, it might not be as exciting, because it almost feels like “been there, done that.”

But that doesn’t have to be the case, and the solution to avoid feeling this way, is by having more sex. Keeping up that physical and intimate contact with your partner can help maintain your sex lives.

There’s no reason why two people who are in a relationship should be having less sex than someone who is single. Just how the two of you try to maintain your work lives and your relationship, try to put in some effort when it comes to your sex life.

Having more sex can help either increase or maintain feelings of sexual desire between two partners

In the beginning of a relationship, sex is something that is more consistent an heavily desired. But as time passes by, it can feel as if sex seems more like a chore, or something your only up for once in a while. In order to maintain you and your partners sexual desire, it’s important to have sex regularly. If at times it feels boring, or a hassle, try to spice it up by using toys, changing the setting, or the positions.

Even though the sex might seem predictable after a while it can still surprise you at times

After a while you or your partner might feel as though the sex has become a bit predictable. But thats no reason to stop having sex as much, instead that should motivate you two to have more sex. While having sex try new things and you might just surprise each other.

Sex is a great stress reliever for the both of you

If things have been getting tense between you two, maybe because of work, personal situations, or petty issues which continue to arise in the relationship, then having more sex might help. It can’t solve all your problems, but it provides intimacy and a moment in which the two of you are only focusing on being with each other and enjoying each others company. It can help relieve you of the stress you were feeling, at least in that moment, and allow your to enjoy yourself.

Having more sex helps to continue improving on their skills in bed

Having sex all the time can only improve your performance in bed. As you two continue to have sex, take note of what things work and don’t work. Then, every time you two have sex, use what you’ve learned in order to improve your performance. Like they say, practice makes perfect.

Having more sex can maintain that openness between them

More consistent sex can maintain that sense of openness between partners. When you’re having sex, you’re allowing yourself to be vulnerable, and are allowing someone to see you in a light that many have never seen you in. Having more sex is you continuing to allow your partner to be close to you and know you in your most vulnerable moment. Having someone who knows you in your most vulnerable state, and whom you can still trust, will make you trust them more.

Sex is an intimate time where you and your partner can let go of the petty things going on in the relationship

Sex is a time where you just enjoy each other and the only feelings which should be involved are love and pleasure. When you’ve been with someone for a long time, it’s easier to get fed up with the little things they do. So having sex regularly allows you to appreciate them more and the love you two have for each other, rather than dwelling on the small stuff.

More sex can encourage couples to explore more

Having more sex promises that your sex life won’t get more boring with time. Having more sex allows you two more time to explore each other, and explore some new ideas which you two can incorporate into your sex life. Having more sex will allow you to learn some stuff, that can only help improve your sex life.

There’s the threat that the amount of sex can die down

If you don’t make sex a consistent act between you and your partner, then there’s a chance that the sexual desire between the two of you can die down. Sex after a while can be put on the back burner when it comes to other things in the relationship, and even your personal lives. Having more sex regularly can help you two from falling into a dry spell, and maintain your sexual appetites.



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