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8 Reasons Why Being In Your Early Twenties Isn’t As Fun As Everyone Thinks It Is

When you enter your twenties, you’re thrown into a world where things you couldn’t do before you can actually do now, well at least legally. You have finally escaped the teen years and now you dwell in a whole new reality, adulthood.

It’s during your 20’s when reality also begins to settle in. What now? Who am I? Am I doing enough? Will I be able to actually achieve my goals? Anxiety, stress, and adult problems barge into your life.

And you become acquainted with the feeling of being left in the unknown, about life, love, friends, work, yourself. People always think of their twenties as a time that’s carefree, and filled with adventure, and new experiences. But you shouldn’t always believe the hype.

You’re on your own

During your twenties, you’re expected to go out and find your place in the world. Mom and dad can’t hold your hand forever, and you have to at some point find a career, and a place to move into and call home. And it’s not easy doing any of this, its great when it finally happens, But no one prepares you about the stress of looking for a job, and a place to live that you can afford. You’ll try to look for a job in your field of expertise, but to be honest you might not get one, and there’s a chance you might have to settle for something else for the time being. And to find a place to live, depending on your salary, you might have to roommate with someone to afford the rent. Also you have to learn to save up enough money for the deposit and future payments, and maintain a squeaky clean credit score. Yeah, it’s a lot of work, but that’s adult life.


The expectations placed by those around you, and the ones you place on yourself can wear you down. everyone’s expecting you to grab life by the balls and just sky-rocket to the stars. But truth is you have dollar pizza as lunch and dinner every day, and you’re still working a job where the pay is shit. As things become less ideal, the expectations begin to become a burden for you, and can lead you to stressing out a bit.

Time flies by

Time wait for no one, but for some reason it seems like it goes by faster in your twenties. Everything is on fast forward, and next thing you know you’re waking up to turning thirty. Your twenties are going to be filled with a lot of crucial events. For many its the time in which you establish yourself, your career, and explore the dating scene. All of those things are very time-consuming, so sometimes you don’t even notice time fly by past you.

Finding Love Can Be Stressful

The Romance scene can be a little difficult in your twenties, because everyone else id dealing with their own situations and feelings, and might not be on the same page with you when it comes to dating. You will find people who just want to hook up, or keep things casual and refuse to use labels. Then there are those who are quick to jump into a relationship, usually because they’re most comfortable while in one. There are going to be instances where you do find something special, but also be prepared to be let down or heartbroken sometimes.

Choosing between career and social life

Sometimes you’re going to have to make a choice. Go out and party with your friends all night, or stay in and go to sleep early so you wake up on time for work in the morning. You have to make a choice between your career and social life, and sometimes its going to suck, and you might miss out on somethings. But at the end of the day your career is going to support whatever lifestyle you want to live. So it’s a sucky decision, but also a crucial one that has to be made.

Seeing people your age or younger than you do better than you

There are going to be moments where you might find yourself comparing yourself to others. Seeing the success of others your age or younger, can hurt your ego, and end up making you feel like you’re not doing enough.

Not feeling fulfilled

There will be times where you question yourself, and wonder if you’ve accomplished any of the goals you’ve set for yourself. And sometimes the answer might be no, and you might not even be anywhere close to accomplishing any of those goals. And not feeling fulfilled can lead you to being somewhat over critical of yourself, or lead you to give-up on some of those goals.

The unknown

You don’t know what the future has in stored for you, and that can be pretty scary. Will you get your dream job? will you find love? Will there be a time in your life where you can wake up feeling happy and relaxed knowing all the bills are paid? And the answer is no one knows, all you can do is try your best to achieve the best life possible but nothing is promised.



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