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8 Reasons You Should Embrace Being Set Up By Your Parents

I know, we all love to laugh and sneer at the idea of being set up on a date by your parents, but there actually are some very positive things that can come from it. Very positive…

You know your parents will approve

When you first meet someone that you have romantic feelings for, the greatest concern is whether or not that person will like you as much as you like that person. But when that hurdle is overcome, the second greatest concern very often is will my parents like this person as much as I like this person, and if not, what does it say about this person? But hey! If your parents were the ones who chose the date in the first place that is literally not a concern. Therefore, you don’t have to stress about it. And everybody knows stress is a killer. So if you think about it, you might be saving your life.

Not only approve, they will be straight-up be pleased

So now that we have established that your parents would quite obviously approve of the person you are dating when they themselves were the ones who set you two up together, I would like to go even further and claim that not only would they simply approve, they would be downright ebullient. That’s right, I think you’ve earned some brownie points with them, and who doesn’t need to cash in some favors with a parent every once in a while? Now you can. You’re on their good side.

Arranged Marriages have a higher success rate… so there’s that …

It is said that arranged marriages in general have a higher success rate. It’s true! They tend to be given more parental financial support, more approval (which, like I said, translates to less stress), less hassle!

It’s super easy and you’re lazy

Do you know how many dating sites there are? I mean, I don’t, not exactly. But i’d say dozens. I’ll that swiping, and not swiping, picture uploads, and picture take-downs, and profile writing, and profile editing, and on and on and on. Who wants that?

Maybe they’re more objective

Lets be honest. We are not always our best advocate or friend when it comes to choosing the one for us. “He’s a really nice guy he just doesn’t return my calls!”. Or, she’s great, she just doesn’t like my friend’s, my job, or my passions.” Your parents know you pretty well. Maybe they’ve got this.

You can ruin it just to spite your parents

So this may be going out on a limb here, I’d say we’ve all been pretty darn mad at our parents at one time or another in our life. Haven’t you ever really just wanted to stick it to them? To show them they’re not the boss of you, and that you are in control of your own life? Well, consider the long con. Earnestly agree to the date with their person of choice, go out with them, and make an absolute drunken fool of yourself. Or travel to a remote part of queens that they are very unfamiliar with and then literally just book it out of nowhere. Now that’s … classy.

If it doesn’t work out, you have that on your folks literally forever

Ahhhh! Nothing like sordid manipulation and guilt tripping to make a family stick together as strong as glue (or white on rice. Whichever metaphor you like best). If the person whom your parents choose to set you up with turns out to be repulsive, boorish, uncouth, or just plain boring, you can use that on them for the rest of your life. Literally, twenty years after the date at thanksgiving: “Mom: Can I have the last turkey leg?” You: Mom, remember Geoffrey? *Mom looks down in shame).

You can use it as a cover for who you’re really going out with

So, if all else fails, why not just say you’re going on the date with the doctor who works with orphaned puppies, and instead start dating the leather jacket wearing biker straight out of Greece the Musical. Make a game of it. See how long you can keep that lie going. Take him to a wedding and tell your parents this IS the guy they set you up with. Then chastise them for getting old and senile.

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