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8 Reasons Your Friends are the Only People You Can Ever Really Turn to

Nothing like your best friends!

Finding friends as an adult can be as difficult as finding love as an adult but when you find your core group, you’re set for life. I believe that there’s no need to have a large group of friends but more so a strong group of friends. Your friends can literally save you from a full fledge Britney circa 2007 breakdown by just one inside joke. So when you have your strong group of friends and a plethora of inside jokes, you have to give props when props are due. Your friends are the shit and really the only people you can turn to.

Families are all loving and great but your friends are special because they’re not people you’re just stuck with like your relatives. You have to love your Uncle Sam who plucks his eyelashes out because you’re blood, you love your friends because you chose them. You chose to share yourself with these strangers because you enjoy their company. So in turn, your friends become ever more essential to your life. They not only become beacons of laughter and light, they’re basically the only ones you can turn to.

They don’t judge you

You could literally do fetish porn to make money for marijuana and your friends would probably buy the footage. They don’t judge why you’re doing it or the fact that you’re doing it at all, they’re just happy you’re alive and you can make your own choices.

They’re loyal AF

My best friend once called someone the “most fake fucker she’s ever met” because I said I felt attacked by him. That person was my best friend’s boyfriend. Even when faced with the worthiest of opponents, your friends have your back. They’re loyal to a fault but in the end, there is no fault when defending your friends.

They’ll let you bitch and moan

Your friends allow you the opportunity to complain for hours on end about your boss at work because they know you just need to vent. Families have this habit of constantly trying to advise you on things. Here’s a fun fact, 99% when people complain, they don’t want advice, they just want someone to listen and say “I’m sorry that happened to you”. Friends are those great listeners.

You create great memories together

Your friends take you out of your comfort zone and let you express how you feel in any you feel like doing in that moment. Your ability to let go with your friends allows you to create the most incredible memories that further strengthens your relationship.

They tell it like it is

A friend who doesn’t tell me that an outfit doesn’t quite fit me right is no friend to me. I don’t need someone who will compliment me all the time, I need someone who will tell it like it is. Your friends are the ones who will tell you what’s what.

They support your decisions

Back to the example with the fetish porn, your friends will buy the footage to support your dreams. Your friends let you live your life and support the choices you make because they want you to be happy.

They help fix your messes

And when your life choices aren’t the best, your friends are there to help you clean the mess.

Because you’re just as good of a friend

The key to having a really good friend is to be a really good friend. And because you are the shit, you attract people who are equally as wonderful. Your friends are the people you can turn to because you are the type of person that others can count on.

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