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8 Reasons Long Distance Relationships will Never Work

Love is a beautiful thing, but sometimes the universe has a different plan for you an your love life. It sets obstacles that will end even the most amazing relationships. One of those obstacles is distance. Distance is a motherfucker when you’re trying to make a relationship work.

Relationships are already difficult, but long distance relationships, they’re even harder. It takes way more effort to keep the relationship afloat.

You can try and stick it out for as long as you can, but at the end of the day maintaining a long distance relationship can seem like an almost impossible feat.

Too much effort

Sometimes people become lazy. We become lazy when it comes to relationships when we live in the same area as your partner, so imagine added miles and miles to that. The dates become few and far between and the amount of texts you get in a day dwindles. When you’re in the same place, you can work on it. But when you’re in long distance relationship these things can put a real strain on your relationship, since in order to maintain a long distance relationship communication is a key. If you fall short on that then the relationship will crumble.

Jealousy, and negative thoughts take over

When your partner is far away it becomes difficult to keep the ‘what ifs’ out of your head. Unable to confirm anything with your own eyes, you might continue to be suspicious of them and become jealous of anyone who seems like a potential threat to you. These thoughts and feelings will stress you, your partner, and your relationship out. It can lead to one of you or both of you calling it quits.

There’s a chance someone will lose interest

Not seeing each other all the time can lead to your interest in each other to die down to the point where you don’t even realize that its been days since the two of you last spoke. Long distance can lead to the spark of the relationship to fizzle out faster, making it difficult for you to keep it going.

The distance can seem overwhelming

Sometimes in the beginning you two might be filled with hope, thinking that your love is strong enough keep the relationship afloat. But your love may have never truly been tested, and this distance might be the the biggest and most difficult test ever. It might break you. The difficulties which come with a long distance relationship can be overwhelming and neither of you might find your love to be worth your emotional health.

They are never there when you need them

Even though they may be a phone call away, they might not always answer your call when you need them. And during stressful and hard times in your life, sometimes all you want is to be with the one you love and be comforted by them. But when you realize that you don’t have that, you might realize that you’re in a relationship in which you don’t even get to enjoy all of the good parts that come with being in a relationship.

The distance ends up making you feel more alone

You might feel more alone being in a long distance relationship than if you were single. You will not be able to go out on dates, or celebrate holidays with your partner. At least if you were single you would be able to go out, and have the opportunity to find comfort with another person, or enjoy yourself without feeling guilty or restrained. A long distance relationship can became a cage in which you feel isolated from everyone.

Planning to see each other becomes difficult

Planning can become difficult after a while. Dates keep getting pushed back, your schedules never match up and after a while you two start to give up on planning because it never seems to work out, or it just takes too much work. After a while not ever being able to see each other can lead to you two ending things, because apparently nothing seems to working out since you two can’t even plan when to meet next.

After a while your sexual desires start to become overwhelming

Sex isn’t THE most important aspect of a relationship, but it’s pretty damn important. Intimacy helps maintain the bond and affection between two people, and when there hasn’t been much intimacy in  a while people begin to desire it more and might search for it in people who aren’t their respective partner. Lack of sex, and attention can lead to someone being unfaithful, or to no longer desire being in a relationship where they don’t receive the intimacy they desire.

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