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8 Reasons Your Only New Years Resolution Should Be To Love Yourself More

Love yourself more!

Society teaches us that in order to progress in life, we must be willing to make sacrifices. In the end, isn’t that what New Years resolutions are all about? Sacrificing certain aspects of ourselves in the effort to achieve some version of our idealized self. And sure, resolutions can be positive and the kickstart to a healthier and happier life, but what about challenging yourself to resolve to do nothing but love yourself in the way you are right now?

This may sound borderline revolutionary but have you ever stopped to think that maybe you’re a bad ass bitch already and don’t need to lose weight or dress better to become so? Instead of the insane lists going through your head of what you hope to achieve this year, you should throw away the resolutions and be really simple with your hopes for the incoming year. Instead, why don’t you simply wish to love yourself more as 2018 slowly approaches?

Because you are beautiful

You are sexy as fuck and should tell yourself that every day. Your nose isn’t crooked, it’s got charisma. Your eyes aren’t too close together, they’re gorgeous. You are beautiful in every single way and should spend the rest of your life knowing that. Accept your beauty, you got it from your mama.

Because you are smart

The simple fact that you can read this mess that I call writing is a testament to your intelligence. Don’t let anyone tell you that there is something too difficult for you to learn. There’s nothing to difficult for you to learn because you have the power to learn anything you want.

Because you are a good person

You do good things for other people and you do it sincerely. You’re the type of person who donates money at the grocery store every time you go and not just because the cashier makes you feel guilty, but because you know a little can go a long way. But also you’re human and you feel a lot of pressure to donate when everyone is staring at you.

Because you have adorable quirks

The fact that you sanitize every two seconds is concerning yet so adorable. If you scrunch your nose when you are focusing on something, it makes others smile. The things about you that would seem weird for anyone else, is what makes you so special.

Because your body is bangin’

Your body is fucking hot no matter how many stretch marks, ripples and dimples you have. Your body is sexy because it’s what gives you life.

Because you deserve it

You deserve to have it all in this life. For anyone to have the opportunity to love you is a once in a lifetime chance. Why not start by loving yourself? You deserve it!

Because you are love able

There are a myriad of qualities that makes you love able; so much so that it’s impossible to list them all on a sheet of paper. To summarize what that extensive list would like it, I’ll just keep it simple for you. Everything about you is love able, so love yourself damn it!

Because you are YOU

You are the only person in this world who is just like you. Take advantage of getting the chance to be who you are. There is no one else like you and you are a pretty bomb ass person anyway. Love yourself not because you have certain qualities, love yourself because you are you. And there’s no other you that’s just like you. That sounds like Dr. Seuss, I’ve always thought he was insightful.

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