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8 Reasons It’s Perfectly Normal Not to Believe in Love


Love is believed to be the greatest thing on Earth, but many of us have to disagree. Love is certainly hyped up, and is arguably overrated. Not to worry, it’s okay to not believe in love, and here are eight reasons why.

You don’t need someone else to make yourself happy

People always seem to pressure others to settle down so they can be “happy”. But you don’t necessarily need someone else to make you happy when you have yourself. In fact, you know yourself better than anybody else does, so you don’t need anybody else to help you.

Love isn’t like the movies

Young kids dream of having relationships like they see in Disney movies and in their favorite rom coms, but real life isn’t like that. Relationships are a lot less exciting then Hollywood makes them out to be. Is it really worth it to be disappointed like that?

You don’t want to be tied down

Commitment kind of sucks, to be quite honest with you. It requires a lot of energy and responsibility, and you don’t need to subject yourself to it if you don’t want to. If you’re happier without being tied down in a relationship, keep doing you.

You want to focus on yourself

Being in love divides your attention between yourself and another person. If you’re in a stage of your life where you want to focus on yourself, than you don’t need to love someone else. Taking care of yourself should definitely be your first priority.

You have other shit to focus on

Life is complicated and stressful, and you always have new shit to focus on. With all of your responsibilities in your life, it’s totally understandable that you don’t want love in your life. Do whatever you need to do to get shit done should be the most important thing.

All relationships end in either breakups or death

All relationships will end eventually, no exceptions. Either somebody dies or you break up, and neither option is ideal. So why would you want to force yourself to get in a relationship in the first place? Just focus on yourself and you can live your life breakup free.

Relationships force you to be together

So many times people who can’t stand each other stay together because of the obligation of their relationships. If you don’t like being around somebody, you shouldn’t have the weight of marriage looming over your shoulders. You should just be able to back away without consequences.

People are shitty

Love may seem cool and all, but reality is much worse. With the amount of people cheating, lying, and being assholes, it’s hard to make love seem appealing. Avoiding relationships can save you from being hurt by shitty people.

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