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8 Reasons Persistence is the Only Thing You Need to Achieve Your Goals

Imagine if Oprah had given up after being labeled as too emotionally invested in stories while she was an anchor, if Steven Spielberg gave up on his dream of directing after being rejected by the University of Southern California School of Cinematic Arts (multiple times mind you), or if JAY-Z simply gave up after being unable to get any record label to sign him. There would be little left to history had they not presevered and remained persistent in seeking out their dreams.

Often times when we feel we can’t it is simply due to that mentality alone. Often the difference between you and those that made it is the fact that they were consistent. Those individuals were relentless in their pursuit and let nothing stand in their way. That is what you have to wake up and tell yourself in times of despair, in times which you feel you can no longer carry on – “nothing will stand in my way.” In other words, you must be willing to push yourself beyond the likes of what you can imagine. Though it can be difficult, I encourage you to focus on the reward in reaching the finish line rather than over-stress over the trials faced on the way there.

Everything may not go exactly as you had planned, but as long as you remain persistent, believe me, something will pan out in your favor. So remain focused, remain headstrong, and keep going.


Becoming persistent and remaining such, is a true test of endurance that will benefit you in the utmost of ways once you get to your destination. Much is learned of yourself along the way and in order to be the best version of yourself once you get there you will have to embody persistence. Not doing so would be the equivalent of a boxer not prepping for a fight and allowing ego to be their demise.

It is the Gateway to Embodiment of Your Craft

The old saying of “practice, makes perfect rings true here.” Without total immersion and commitment to bettering your craft you will surely lose the skills you currently have, or allow them to be tremendously weakened. No matter what you want to become I encourage you to educate yourself in matters regarding your craft, to implement new ideas, and apply new methods of doing so. Being persistent will lead you to do so.

It Provides No Room for Distraction

When you’re keeping yourself busy there is no room for distraction. Those that arise become faint to the point you no longer distinguish them to even be labeled as, “distractions.” They simply become idle behaviors you don’t engage in. While others allow themselves to be tempered by matters, you will find yourself calm, cool, and collected while on the road to success.

You Begin to Comprehend the Concept of “Failure”

The concept of failure becomes no more when you remain persistent. Not due to an overabundance of optimism, or arrogance, but rather due to trust in yourself. You become so acquainted with yourself that no task seems to large to handle, because you know you will not get knocked down and lie down. It is this frame of mind, in allowing nothing to immobilize you, that you are truly able to transcend beyond the concept itself. You grow understanding that even in defeat there is a valuable lesson learned, that you have acquired something from the experience that will propel you towards your goal.

Easy No Longer Attracts You

What is easy isn’t worth it in the long term scheme of things. You begin to no longer pursue matters which require you to not fully be engaged. This applies to your personal life, your place of employment, and multiple other areas of life. You raise your standards after finding your worth in remaining persistent.

It Builds Appreciation

Dedication to fulfilling your goal builds an appreciation for even the smallest of things people have done for you. You forget not one of them because their small act of kindness provided the nourishment to fuel your ambition, your persistence. You will surely find it difficult to look back on it all one day and not become somewhat emotional about what it has you become. Let each remind you to enjoy the ride to the top, to accept people from all walks of life, and to maintain your humility.

Inspiring the Ability To Commit

Your ability to commit to matters and simply get the necessary done becomes innate. You will begin to ignore exhaustion, you ignore excuses, and you simply follow through until your mission is seen through. Know that people recognize this, and it will often be one of the keys to your success in the future.

It is the Only Way You Will Make it There

Without persistence none of the aforementioned is acquired. In fact, you will find yourself in face of the exact opposite of experiences – a life which surely will lead to your demise. The moral is: chase your dreams, or they will chase you to insanity.

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