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8 Reasons Pillow Talk is the Realest Conversation You’ll Ever Have

Picture this: you and your partner are lying in bed, facing one another. As far as you’re concerned, there’s nobody else in the world other than the two of you. Maybe you’ve just had sex, maybe you’re just taking a break together. No matter what it is, it’s just you two and it’s pretty great.

Talking after sex or while lying in bed intimately can be a crucial part of a relationship, as the conversations you and your partner have during pillow talk can some of the most important you have over the course of your time together. Pillow talk can involve some of the realest shit you and your partner have ever said to each other, and here are 8 reasons as to why that is.

You’re Always Thinking Clearer After Sex

“Kenjataimu” is a Japanese word that refers to the period of clear thoughts after one has had an orgasm. While we might act differently while we’re actually having sex, we are perhaps more ourselves right afterwards than we are at any other time. Without the urge to have sex, we can concentrate strictly on our emotions and thoughts, which makes it easier to communicate these feelings to our partner.

There’s Nobody Around But You Two

A good relationship is one where you and your partner can truly be yourselves around one another. While you might have to behave in different ways around others, you can speak freely when it’s just the two of you in the room. Without the threat of judgment from others, all of your thoughts and feelings can flow out of you without a second thought.

Physical Contact

Holding your partner or being held by them can be a huge help to your communication with one another. Not only do you feel closer to them, but you can also physically read their body language, making it so that you can understand them more thoroughly than if you weren’t touching.


Cuddling after sex might be more vital to your relationship than you think. Like I said earlier, the physical contact itself is great, but showing your partner that you still want to be with them after you have sex shows your dedication to them. Cuddling lets your partner know that you genuinely care for them and that you want them to be as comfortable around you as possible.

You Can Smell Each Other As You Truly Are

I know this sounds weird, but bear with me. Of all of our senses, smell is perhaps the one most closely associated with memory. Many of us coat ourselves with artificial smells throughout our daily lives with things like deodorant, perfume, or cologne. However, after sex, those smells have given way to your natural bodily aromas. Those scents quickly become indicators of your most intimate times together, signifying their importance to the way you remember one another when you’re apart. This further implies that pillow talk conversations are some of the realest you can have with your partner because your brain registers the person in front of you rather than the smells in which they mask themselves from others.

There Are No Distracting Outside Stimuli

If you and your partner are out on a date somewhere public, there are always things that can distract you from one another. They can be other people, cars driving by, that super cute dog being walked down the street, or really anything else. However, unless you choose to put on the TV, music, or something else of that nature, there’s nothing distracting you from hearing your partner as clearly as you possibly can.

You Can Talk About Sex Immediately After It Happens

The sex you just had is still ripe in your mind during pillow talk. If you didn’t like something your partner did during sex, want to ask them what they thought about something, or if they’d like to do something differently, it’s fresh and ready to go. This is opposed to mentioning it later on, when your exact feelings might not be as clear or you may have forgotten exactly what you wanted to say. Communicating about sex is really important for relationships to succeed, and pillow talk offers you the perfect opportunity to do so.


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