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8 Reasons You Should Probably Take a Vacation After the Holidays

Because the holidays can put you in a holidaze.

via Independent Traveler

If you look up reasons to take a vacation after the holidays, you will find countless links that urges you not to take off after the holiday. If you are honest with yourself, you also realize that taking a vacation after the season is not necessarily the best idea. Although I always say that sometimes you need a vacation from your vacation, there’s something about taking time off after the holiday that’s looked down upon. Haven’t you had enough time at home? Yes; and that’s precisely why you should take a vacation after the holidays.

You love your family but you need a break from them. A lot of times you feel guilty because you should enjoy being around your loved ones but sometimes you can’t stand the sight of them. That’s okay; that’s normal believe it or not. The holidays are often stressful because our families make it stressful and it’s not done intentionally. Sure, you don’t really have the funds to go out and travel Europe; but I’m sure you could squeeze in a weekend getaway.

Your family is great but they’re annoying

I’m just reiterating the fact that it’s okay to say your family annoyed you during the holidays. It’s thoroughly enjoyable to feel like a kid again and share moments with your family but after all that, you want some alone time. And guess what, you deserve it.

The holidays are stressful

Between budgeting before the holiday, purchasing the perfect gift and maintaining composure when your relatives comment on your recent weight gain, the holidays can spiral you into a full breakdown. Before you turn into Britney Spears circa 2007, take some time for yourself after the holiday season.

You’re broke anyway

After spending every dime to your name, vacation is probably not your first thought; but it should be. Most Americans don’t travel because there’s never enough money for it. Newsflash, there’s never going to be enough money; so just go. After holiday spending, you don’t have much to lose anyway because you’ve lost most of your money already. Just do it, you’ll start saving money again after.

Because you have a bunch of new shit to show off

Although you spent a lot of money for other people, people spent a lot of money on you. It’s time to show off the goods you got over the holidays. I love modeling the new items I received after Christmas because deep down, I get such a thrill of having things I wanted without having to purchase it. The beach deserves to witness the glory that is the new bathing suit you got for Christmas. Let the beach see it!

You are pale as hell

It’s cold as hell and not the most ideal time to get any sun. The current state of your skin makes you question if you are alive. Make the entire office jealous after the holidays and show up with a full on Venetian tan. Shock the other pale folk.

Might as well get all the indulgences out of the way

Before you go on your post-holiday detox, you might as well top off your muffin top and triple chins with some vacation food. Really enjoy your last meal before having to diet again to fit into the pants you wore just weeks ago.

You have some days off

You have a couple days off during the holiday anyway, you don’t have to spend every waking moment with your parents. Use those days because once January rolls in, you won’t have that type of time to take.

Because you can

You are a grown ass being whom can do what you please. So do it and ignore the haters. You can have a vacation after the holidays because you fucking feel like it.

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