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8 Reasons Your Relationship Will Never be Perfect

But we damn well try to act like our relationships are perfect.

Society makes us feel like we have to be perfect all the god damn time. Celebrities go grocery shopping in high heels and a full face of makeup and the rest of us are sitting around dusting the chip crumbs off our chests. We even bring this dire necessity to be perfect to our romantic relationships, as if getting in an actual relationship isn’t hard enough. On top of challenging ourselves to find someone who can tolerate us longer than 25 minutes, we also want them to be perfect? That’s shit.

We all know that the chase for perfection will only end in disappointment. Deep down, we are aware that we all have our faults and trying to present the “perfect” image is pointless. Your relationship, no matter how many beautiful pictures you take together, is never going to be perfect; and you know damn well getting those shots was basically a full on mission. And guess what? It’s okay for your relationship not to be perfect, there is no such thing as perfection in a relationship.

Your expectations are too high

You feel the weight of perfection because your expectations are too high. You can’t control another person and even less so the way certain circumstances occur in your life. In the end, seeking perfection is seeking control because of your expectations. Stop expecting so much, just be present.

You have no one to impress

You don’t have to worry about appearing as though you’re in a perfect relationship because there is no one on planet Earth that needs to approve your partnership. You don’t have anyone to impress, so stop worrying about how they perceive your romantic relationship.

We’re human

Humans make mistakes all the fucking time. We can’t help ourselves but continue to make mistakes because we’re constantly learning. It’s important to learn something every single day and when you are perfect, there’s nothing to learn. What’s the point of life if you don’t learn something?

Your relationship is your business only

Because you have no one to impress, your love affair is your business. There’s no need to present a facade when you make a conscious decision to keep your life private. Perfection doesn’t occur without trying so stop trying so much.

We’re stubborn as hell

We can’t forgive and forget, we hold on to things and we are incredibly resentful. We can’t just move forward with someone because we are too stubborn to get over the things that can make perfection achievable.

We all have baggage

The baggage we carry through every relationship is what directs our behavior in other relationships. Baggage includes insecurity which breeds weakness; that impedes any form of perfection at all.

It’s unrealistic

I mean, it is nearly impossible for you to attain a level of perfection that doesn’t exist. No matter what, we’re always going to find something that could be better or more perfect to us. There is never going to be the “perfect” guy or the “perfect” relationship because we constantly criticize ourselves.

Nobody is perfect

There is no human on Earth that is perfect. Even the gorgeous models and actors we see in the media appear perfect but are quite flawed. We are all flawed and seeking to be perfect is impossible.

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