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8 Reasons Why Sex Leaves You Emotionally Attached No Matter Who You Are

There are some people out there who find themselves falling for someone at the drop of a hat. And then there are others whose icy hearts seem impossible to melt.

But sex has a way of catching those that are lovesick, and melting the hearts of those who swear they feel no emotion.

Sex is a very intimate act between people, and has the ability to manifest certain feeling and thoughts between people as they break down their barriers in order to join one another. Here are 8 reasons why sex leaves you emotionally attached no matter who you are.

It’s an intimate moment

It’s an intimate moment where the two of you find yourselves closer than ever before. They have seen you in a state that not many else have, and the intimacy during sex can bring you two closer together. And afterwards can still leave you feeling close to them, maybe even closer than you did before, which can cause certain emotions to manifest within you.

You get to know them on a deeper level

You get to know them at a deeper level, and maybe see a side of them you don’t see when you’re outside. As you find out more about them during the experience, you might realize you like what you see, and romantic feelings may begin to arise within you.

You gain a level of comfort with them

After sex, all the awkwardness and nervousness that came before tends to melt away. You might find a new level of comfort with this person, which makes you grown fond go them, because there aren’t many people in the world who you can be this intimate and comfortable with. The comfort of being with them may make you grow fonder of them in a more romantic sense.

People tend to be affectionate in bed which can trigger strong emotions

Sometimes while having sex people tend to be more affectionate. Whether its the kisses they place on you, the caressing of your face, and their tender touches. These moments of affection have the power to pull on your heartstrings, because at the end of the day we all wish to loved and held in that manner.

They know more about you without having to discuss anything

During the act of sex, they learn more about without having to discuss it. They know your special spots, what things you don’t and do like, and even some embarrassing stuff. This deeper understanding they have of you in a different light than most people would see, makes them a special person, and It could make you want them more.

It breaks down any walls that you two might have had up

Usually people have a wall built around them to protect themselves, and their heart. But during sex there has to be some level of trust, and openness. And in the moment you both simultaneously agree to take down those walls in order to enjoy one another company. That is a major ordeal, and your new found openness can lead you to being more open about your feelings towards them.

You are still in the moment 

There might be a sex haze around you, in other words all the feelings you felt during sex might still be floating around you. They can cause your to have that “what if feeling” that can cause you to catch feelings for them, because there might be a possibility.

The fear of losing them

The fear of losing someone is usually a big reason why one might become emotionally attached. Its a feeling of having possession of someone whom you are comfortable with and is easy to access. You might not love them, but there is some type of emotional attachment which motivates you to keep them around.

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