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8 Reasons Why Sexting Keeps the Spark Alive

When in a relationship with someone that has gone on for a while, sometimes it feels as though the spark has died down. You no longer dress your best to see them and you get comfortable. At times it can feel as though they forget your even in the room and sex becomes something you to have to schedule, or do just to get it out of the way.

Well it might be time to get that spark going once again, and sexting might be the solution for you. Sexting can seem naughty and a bit risky, but that might just be what you need to bring that spark back. Sexting will keep you two thinking about having sex with each other while at work, at a dentist appointment, even while eating lunch.

It serves as a nice reminder

Sending them a sexy text or picture will remind them about what they have to look forward to later that day. Sometimes when in a serious relationship, the spark begins to die, so it’s good to send them a risky text to remind them that just because things are getting serious your sex life doesn’t have to die.

Shows that you’re still interested in them

Sexting shows your partner that your interested in them still sexually. Yeah, you may love them for their personality and passions, but it feels good to be desired sexually by another person. Sexting will keep them feeling good about themselves, and keep the attraction you two have for each other up.

Keeps you guys wanting each other

Sexting makes you guys look forward to seeing each other more. Sexting can heighten your anticipation and eagerness to have sex with the other person.

Serves as foreplay

Who knew? Words could be sexy, and even turn you on. Sexting can be considered as a form of foreplay, as both of you continue to create fantasies for each other which causes you both to desire one another even more. By the time you guys finally get together you might want to just skip all the formalities and go straight to the main event.

You learn about fantasies and desires

While sexting you tend to loosen up and feel more comfortable with conveying what your fantasies, desires, and even fetishes out. Communicating these things to your partner can lead to you two trying out some new things, and doing a bit more exploring underneath the covers.

It increases your intimacy with each other

Sometimes after dating someone for a while, it feels as though the romance has died down a bit. You no longer dress up when you see them, and your partner doesn’t even try to make a move on you unless you tell them to. Sexting helps maintain that desire you two initially had for one another, even increasing your intimacy.

You enjoy communicating with each other more

Communication between you two is more exciting, and you two will be more eager to keep in touch in order to read what the other person said. Sometimes after a while your conversations might run dry, or you’ve run out of things to talk about. Sexting though will always be a great way to keep up communication, because you’re both into it.

It can keep you two close, and comfortable with each other

With sexting you guys can stay close with each other even when you’re not together. Maybe one of you has to go on a business trip. Sexting allows you guys to maintain that intimacy and sexual desire you have for each other, so that when your partner gets back it doesn’t feel as if anything has changed.

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