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8 Reasons You Shouldn’t Feel Bad About Making Mistakes

The word “mistake” strikes fear in many people’s mind because we have high expectations of ourselves and the results we produce from the choices and decisions we make. Mistakes, in general, whenever we commit them, causes us to feel like failures in which it makes us reluctant to try new things, procrastinate, have anxiety, and low self-esteem or self-confidence. In other words, the fear of making mistakes precipitates people to feel bad about themselves and their abilities on things to the point that they stop moving forward with their progression in life, missing great opportunities along the way.

But, mistakes are a good thing. Even the people who are now successful and famous could not exclude themselves from making mistakes, and mistakes are the reason they are where they are today. No matter what we do, even if we carefully calculate our decisions so that the outcome we get is what we want, they can still be susceptible to unforeseen variables that can result in errors. Therefore, we shouldn’t feel bad about making mistakes because they are there to show us how to improve and move forward from it, and makes us to critically think ahead and strategize differently than before so that we don’t allow ourselves to make the same mistakes again. Here are 8 reasons you shouldn’t feel bad about making mistakes.

It gives you the opportunity to learn how to self-forgive

The only person you give a hard time for making mistakes is none other than yourself. You may feel bad about the decisions that led to errors and mistakes but, these faults, however, gives you the opportunity to learn how to forgive yourself and acknowledge the fact that everyone, like yourself, doesn’t always make perfect choices. Mistakes are like blessings in disguise because it gives you the time to see your mistakes as a way to understand that there’s a next time which makes you move on to do better. So, there’s no point in agonizing about them since that’s the beauty of our human imperfection.

Making mistakes is a sign that you’re going in the right direction

We all feel disheartened when we make mistakes, especially if it pertains to our personal and professional life. It might feel like as though we are taken two steps back rather than a step forward when we make mistakes but, in my perspective, mistakes tell us that we are going in the right direction, even if we can’t see it. Mistakes exist because they are helping us to become better at what you are doing and without it, we will never become stronger and more knowledgeable than we were before.

It makes you courageous and stronger

Mistakes and failures are the reasons how we become more courageous and stronger than before. While it is normal to be discouraged, frustrated, and angry whenever you make mistakes, and accept the consequences and move on, it reinforces the fact that you still gave it your all despite the results. Moreover, the mounting failures and mistakes you experience and have under your belt also show qualities that you’re resilient and determined to succeed.

Decisions that were mistakes lead you to refine what you do want in your life

Every decision we make in life, we will experience the consequences of them. But, sometimes, consequences stemming from the mistakes that we made determines how we feel about the action we took and places us into a better position of what we want to do differently, or the same, in the future and with our life. It’s like trial and error in which we experience the unknown and see how the outcome of it will make us choose which is the best course for our career and personal life.

Making mistakes means you are taking action to get things happening

Another reason why we shouldn’t feel bad about making mistakes is that they are examples that underscore action and forward motion. If you are not committing any mistakes, it reinforces the fact that you are not putting any actions into propelling your life to become better. It shows that you are in your own bubble, unwilling to come out of your comfort zone to clash with other people so that you can get things happening in your life. So, the next time you make mistakes, or the number of mistakes are overwhelming you, just think of them as incentives which are influencing you to take action and responsibility of your life, and that it’s better to be in the arena than on the sidelines.

Mistakes give you the power to inspire and to overcome

Have you ever felt so pissed off about your mistakes that it made you feel inspired to do better and overcome them so that the same mistakes would not happen again? I did, and so did it for everyone else, at least from my perspective and understanding. The thing about mistakes is that once, or continually, you experience them, it makes you reflect on the decisions that led you to the awful and regretful situation you got yourself in and makes you want to take control of the fear of failing and making a mistake again. You take control of learning from the past and making better decisions and good choices so that when you are faced with a similar issue, you will have the tools to overcome it.

You learn from your mistakes to become a better person

Just like in video games, I see mistakes as experience points that gradually build up so that you evolve to the next level. Mistakes and failures are your biggest chance for personal growth and development because they are there for you to reflect on what areas you did well and what areas you need to work on. They are seen as opportunities to learn and improve so that you become better and smarter the next time around. Plus, learning from mistakes can make you become humble and have patience and strength to go on.

Everybody makes mistakes, it’s part of life

The universal truth about mistakes is that everyone in the world commits them more times they can count. It’s just the way the world is wired. So, don’t agonize yourself over mistakes and failures you made in the past and in the now as if you’re the unluckiest one of the bunch because it will get you nowhere and make you stagnant. The sooner you accept your mistakes, learn from them, and move on, the sooner you become adept at not committing them as you go on in life. All you have to do is decide what to do with those mistakes and how you can put them to use for your benefit.

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